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LEZ BOOMERANG self titled 12 Track L.P by LEZ BOOMERANG

Released: 1ST September 2021

Reviewed: by Dave Diamond 5th February 2022

Lez BOOMERANG - ...a wild surf rockin' garage show!!! The magic that two brothers can have in one band, but on this there are THREE: Bo "Brain" H.Jeppesen (Guitar) Lars "The Grip" H.Jeppesen (Drums) Kim "Grotesque" H.Jeppesen (Vox/Bass) As you can see from the title of the albums, here you can hear 60s garage with a touch of surfy, spooky, trash. "Lez Boomerang is the missing link between the raw energy of GODLESS WICKED CREEPS


Bo "Brain" H.Jeppesen (Guitar)

Lars "The Grip" H.Jeppesen (Drums)

Kim "Grotesque" H.Jeppesen (Vox/Bass)

Tracks written and performed by lez boomerang aka Kim, Lars and Bo H. Jeppesen

Recording, mixed and produced by: Kim Kix

Artwork front cover: Martin Couri (we don’t like art)

The jacket photo is by: Morten Kokholm

Liner notes by: Seb Doubinsky.

In their own words – It was a time when the Aarhus underground was lively inspired by the domestic and foreign psychobilly, surf, garage, oi, punk and ska bands of the time, which we played with and watched at local venues Musikcaféen, Huset and Vestergade 58 at club events Club Live 'n'Loud, Klub Den Rare Onkel, etc.

LEZ BOOMERANG – We played only a handful of local concerts, but still claimed a modest popularity on the Aarhus stage due to our hectic shows, and because we were "these three brothers" who had lived in Tunisia and spoke French. Immortalized by a centrefold poster in BAD NEW fanzine which was written and published by Jannik Stanley Nielsen and Tor Lubich Fruergaard, we were bound for fame! The poster was often found as wall decoration on friends 'and enemies' toilet walls.

Let’s have a listen to the tracks –

SAIGON – great build up start to this tune, fantastic sampling on it too! Very Link Wray meets Dick Dale….Can see this one being played in many clubs, really powerful track, love the effect, awesome tune lasting 3:06.

GO GO GIRL – live version….another very catchy number…go-go-tastic! Fantastic mixing on this number that allows the guitar solo to shine through. Great mid 60’s sounding track and yet again hitting the bullseye if you dig garage sounds .Put down your drinks and let’s dance, after all…”she is a one of a kind…you’re my go-go girl!”

TWISTER – Great beginning drum rolls, bass and geetar…twanging guitar on this one with lots of variation licks, nice off beat drumming and single beats too and good use of the bell! Could be right out of a Quentin Tarantino film! Nice breakdown section at 4 minutes that gradually build up into a whirling Twister the end! Wow great track and 5:12 long!

UH AH – Let’s Boomeerraaaaaannngggg! Nice catchy tune, vocals nice and raw from Kim whilst playing a mean bass, Lars once again great drums and use of the bell and Bo’s guitar has catchy licks and love the chords on the verses…. Fab track!

BAD LITTLE WOMAN – fantastic eerie strolling paced number that explodes after a minute in….this is a real primitive raucous track…great sounding geetar and screaming raw vocals make this a great track, and then mid-way through reverts back to the same slower pace, before erupting into more unleashed vocals. Wow…what a mind blowing number!

YOU PRETEND – great speaking section ….once upon a time there were 3 brothers…yay!!! This one hits you hard from the start..proper 1960’s garage rocking tune….my fave on the album…it’s a real stomping tune…Back from the grave material for sure…wait up I’m going back for more so see you in 3:24 seconds gang! No need to pretend this one’s just hit the jackpot!

THE JOURNEY OF THE BOOMERANG – great speaking section to kick off this instru-mental! Forget the Bumble Bee…we have The Boomerang!! Fuzz and a single bass drum starts it off followed by the bass…I really love this one….real fast tune….gathers pace and all three musicians show off their expertise…so good that after 3:17 I just had to flip back and play it again!

I GO WILD – guitar feedback kicks this off…powerful drumming on this one that cuts straight through this primitive rockin tune. Great vocals and Bass once again….for sure a wild track that is crazy and takes a well earned breather after 2 minutes with a more staggered jumping guitar vibe and then erupting into the finale.

LIGHT AS A BIRD – full steam ahead on this one…straight to 5th gear…loving the strumming chords on the verses and then the eerie guitar solo…great middle section breakdown after 2 minutes ...very Sonics and punching your arm in the air…would have loved to have seen this track played live…dig it!

DINOSAUR STOMP – great drumming/bass interspersed with guitar kicks this one off…then enters the bass and go-go…we’re off once again…top track… as the title says do the Dinosaur Stomp and I’m right at the front!…this one’s a real mover…love it!

GET AWAY – guitar opens up this number, then all in…great catchy guitar licks all the way through, high octane vocals, snare sounds fabulous and bass laying back nicely…get away get away get away get away from me now….very catchy tune. Could have been released back in the 60’s in Texas or released in Minnesota!

CINDERELLA – Did someone say The Sonics! This is a fantastic high octane cover version that showcases the bands musical prowess at its maximum, stomping drums, screeching guitar, fierce vocals and stomping bass….for sure this will get your feet tapping and you head shaking so hard it may even fall off!!


With a name like Lez Boomerang I just had to review this album!

Wow! All these track sound fantastic and could be right out of Texas in the mid 1960’s…Pure high octane garage at its upmost best…the mixing and mastering is spot on and it’s just fantastic to hear all the trax

Recorded back in 1996 on a Fostex Multitracker Model-280 4 - Track Cassette tape. This has given the experience of the raw and dirty 1960s garage feel. These 12 Trax are exclusively on 12" Vinyl (180gr) 300 in Black 100 in Red 50 in Gold 50 in Translucent.

The Jeppesen brothers at their most unhinged, this is the missing link between the raw sounds of Godless Wicked Creeps and the future insanity of Powersolo. It’s so raw and it’s great to hear it unleashed after being recorded 26 years ago!

For sure this is an awesome wild surf rockin’ garage album and if you like this style of music this is a must for your collection! If you dig The Sonics you will love this and it’s so good you will come back to the record player and play it again!


Reviewed by Dave Diamond














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