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Lily Locksmith:

Artist: Lily Locksmith

Title: Lily Locksmith

Art no: EnRec181 Enviken Records

Release:24.06. 2022 CD and digital.

LP to be released in September

Reviewed by Terry Mead /08/2022

Lily Locksmith hails from the town of Mockfjärd in the heart of Sweden and posse’s the vibe and the feel from female Blues singers that once ruled the clubs decades ago. Influences include Etta James, Ruth Brown, Big Mama Thornton, JD McPherson. She first entered the stage in the mid 00’s, back then under the name of Lily Mae. She has appeared as a guest with many fine acts like Mike Sanchez (also featured on his Babes & Buicks album), The Domestic Bumblebees and Danny & The Cappers among others.

The band consists of:

Lily Locksmith-Vocals

Chris Bergstrom - Guitar

Manne Staffansson - Guitar

Peter Fröbom - Upright bass

Mattias Hyttsten - Drums

The album consists of a mixture of covers and self-penned tracks each professionally produced to create an original composition.

Review Track by track;

When I Put The Blues On You -Jack Tempchin/Candye Kane, Raunchy intro kicks this first track off before Lily’s vocals launch in, the song remains a catchy beat throughout great opener and covered in true Candye Kane style.

Praying- Lily Locksmith/Caroline Låås/ Manne Staffansson , constant riff throughout this one which blends with the deep vocals and high notes Lily produces. There are also some clever guitar licks.

Bad-Tremendous full of energy self-penned number by Lily Locksmith , has a driving beat throughout.

Last Night -Lovely blues ballad co written by Lily & Chris Bergstrom just lets you drift away to it, nice guitar picking to.

Player- Nick Curran’s iconic song and Lily certainly has made it iconic in her own way, love this track it packs a punch.

Farther Up The Road- Written by Don D Robey & Joe M Veasy and originally sung by Bobby “Blue” Bland, covered later by notable contemporary’s like Eric Clapton.

Kept here in its original concept with a neat blues interlude.

Burnt Toast And Black Coffee- Shorty Long’s 1956 R&B tune, great rendition here more upbeat whilst keeping to the original style, Lily’s powerful voice takes you back to the roots of R&B.

You Gotta Try- Another self -penned track from Lily & Chris and what a cracker it is, fast paced jiving beat one to hit the dance floor with. The sounds reminisce of a 1950s studio recording truly authentic.

I Don't Need- Great intro which transforms into the beat throughout the track, another powerful performance on vocals from Lily projecting her voice over the music.

No Use But O'Well- A Chris Ruest number done here to perfection, the catchy tune of this track will keep you tapping your fingers to it.

When It’s Good Enough For You- Cool Rumba beat starts this on off with a few tempo changes during the song and some rather awesome guitar licks makes this track somewhat different.

I Tried- Don D Robey/Joseph Wade Scott/Larry Davis, Great guitar work on this track pushing the vocals out, bouncy little number done in true Duke Peacock Records style.

Can't Believe You Wanna Leave- Written by Leo Price and performed by Little Richard in 1957 as the B-side to Keep a Knockin”, the reprisal done here has been kept to that format.

Catfight-Another lively tune from the pens of Lily & Chris, this is one of those songs you just must get up and dance to terrific beat and plenty of slide and guitar riffs with a neat drum interlude.

You Did Me Wrong-Willie Mae “ Big Mama” Thornton’s song livened up and modernised slightly whilst keeping the tradition going.

What Do You Know About Love – Elias McDaniel aka Bo Diddley written & performed song kept in his true style and a fitting song to end this album.


The sound created on this album has been so originally produced it makes you think your listening in a record booth back in the day, A great bunch of musicians have helped Lilys dream be fulfilled thanks to the Kickstarter campaign. A must for the true fan and music lover.


1.When I Put The Blues On You



4. Last Night


6.Farther Up The Road

7.Burnt Toast And Black Coffee

8.You Gotta Try

9.I Don't Need

10.No Use But O'Well

11.When It’s Good Enough For You

12. I Tried

13.Can't Believe You Wanna Leave

14 Catfight

15.You Did Me Wrong

16.What Do You Know About Love

Lily Locksmith's dream

Lily Locksmith, with her powerful voice, rich with spices of early Soul, Blues and R&B, made an impact on the audience from day one and it was clear that a bright future was ahead of her.

In 2016 a 7" was released which was very well received and sold out fast, this release put the Swedish songstress’s name on the map.

Now Lily had a dream, she wanted to make an album and she wanted it to be out on vinyl. She and her band started recording material at the Enviken Records studio back in 2018. The goal was of course aimed at landing a full-length album.

The recordings was well under way and only small details was left to do.

Then another 7" vinyl "I Don't Need" was released in early 2020 as a teaser for the album that was planned for release later in 2020.

But then the Covid pandemic put everything on hold, as well as the rest of the music world.

Time went on and by mid 2021 some talks and plans for upcoming shows were scheduled with Lily and her band, as well as picking up the pieces and finish the last bits for the album. Things seemed to slowly get brighter as life proceeded and Christmas time with holidays was approaching.

A couple of days after Christmas, in the evening of the 27th of December, a message went out that shocked the entire Rock n' Roll music community. Caroline Låås, aka Lily Locksmith had passed away in her home, due to a severe cerebral haemorrhage, she was 37 years old.

The weeks that followed left her family and friends in unbelievable sorrow and grief, people from all around, fans and friends sent messages of sympathy.

By the time of Lilys funeral thoughts had emerged and voices was heard; what about the album, shouldn’t it be released?

Yes! Of course, the album should be released.

We launched a Kickstarter campaign on March 20 -2022 and within a couple of days the funding goal was reached and within another week it was more than doubled!

Her dream would come true.

Fans pre-ordering their copy of the album on Kickstarter would not only help Lily and her band's wish come true. They will also own a piece of history, because as unique and powerful her voice is, as warm and caring as a person she was, there will never, ever be another Lily.

It certainly feels good to bring this album to the world, to make Lilys dream come true, and I can picture Lily’s joy if she’d been here to witness it.

RIP Caroline Låås aka Lily Locksmith //

Patrik Staffansson

Enviken Records.

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