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Released 2022 on the band's own label. See:

Reviewed January 2023

Without any doubt this band is the real deal when it comes to modern day rockabilly bands. They look the part and, more importantly, sound the part, plus they can write good original material. The album was recorded at Toe Rag Studios in London.

The band are: Little Dave Sparkes - Vocals, harmonica and rhythm guitar Jon - Lead guitar Steve - Drums Connie - Bass

Review Six of the ten tracks are written by Little Dave. The Exceptions are “Good Rockin’ Tonight” (Roy Brown), “Right Behind You Baby” (Rich) and “Whole Lotta Trouble” (Cocksedge) and “Shake Your Hips” (Harpo).

Right Behind Baby - written by Charlie Rich but this version leans more to the 1958 Sun recording by Ray Smith. A great, high octane start to the album.

Just Let Go (Cowboy Song) - a mid paced country track with some nice guitars licks in the background that remind me of some of Chris Isaak’s recordings.

Good Rockin’ Tonight - this is pretty much a straight cover of Elvis’s version and it is done very well.

Straight Back Up - this has more of a bluesy feel to it mainly due to the fine harmonica playing from Little Dave.

Everybody – the title track of the album and another of Dave’s compositions. Again I get reminded of Chris Isaak. I think this is an excellent example of contemporary rockabilly.

Whole Lotta Trouble – another fine track but I wonder if it could have been done a little faster?

Wasted Man – I think this is my favourite track (and it’s not an easy choice here). The harmonica and guitar playing work well together.

Shoo Shoo Baby – another nice original, mid paced, rockabilly track with some nice twangy guitar work.

Inject Your Soul – this track has a good energy to it with some wild guitar work. Excellent stuff.

Shake Your Hips – some more nice harp playing from Little Dave on this good cover of the Slim Harpo classic.

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