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HOWLIN- Lobo Jones and The Rhythm Hounds

This is the debut album from Lobo Jones and the Rhythm Hounds and was recorded in October 2021 and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Graham Dominy.

Recorded at The Embassy Studios and released on Foot tapping records.

Reviewed May 2022

This new album comprises of 12 original tracks in the style of Driving Rockabilly, Blues tracks and Country/Hillbilly sounds written by the frontman himself Lobo Jones and a handful of collaborators.

Elliot ‘Lobo’ Jones - Vocalist, Rhythm Guitar

Morgan Willis - Lead Guitar

Mark ‘Hound Dog’ Howells – Double Bass

Zack Godden - Drums


1. Howlin'- A great start to the album a bluesy vocal over a Rockabilly sound track.

2. If You Ain't Gonna Rock It – This track could have been recorded back in the day reminds me of Sonny Fisher but they me be just me. I really like the guitar and the bass and drums work really well together.

3. Bad Bad Baby – Rockabilly at its best great lyrics and well delivered with a driving guitar and solid back line awesome.

4. I'm Mad – Again Probably just me but to me this recording could have been released on the Sun label back in the day with a modern feel.

5. Goin' Down To The Riverside – This track has a slower tempo but again is a good track great guitar work from Morgan and Elliot has a great voice, which really shows on this track.

6. Like I Do – So far, this album has impressed me and this track again does not let you down but keeps the Rockabilly theme going with fingerpicking guitar and solid back line and rhythm guitar and vocals.

7. Turn Your Light Down Low – This track has a more Country/ Hillbilly feel sounds great.

8. Walkin' In Circles – If you like the Johnny Burnette sound then you are going to like this track I personally think it has that feel to it.

9. Your Love – Something a little different but still in the Lobo Jones style solid back line allowing Morgan to work his magic on guitar throw in great lyrics and Elliot’s vocals and you have a great track.

10. The Creature – Solid driving Rockabilly the kind of track that gets all the boppers on the dance floor at the end of the night.

11. Wind Up Baby – A more laid-back track this one but that takes nothing away from another solid track.

12. Little Twister – Another great track on a very good album I like everything about it from the vocals to the great back line and the top-notch guitar work from Morgan.

All in all this is a very good album I love the sound and the lyrics (song writing isn’t easy) and the band work really well together Morgan is a great guitarist which is evident on this album and Elliot has a really strong voice and is able to do a great job with the varying styles on this album. The backline Mark on Bass and Zack on drums know what they are doing, do a great job along with Elliot on guitar keeping the numbers rolling along with plenty of energy, and do not overdo it on the slower laid-back tempo numbers.

This album is well worth adding to your collection and I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Reviewed By Tom Doel


Howlin' is the debut recording and album from Lobo Jones & The Rhythm Hounds, a

Rockabilly and Rock 'N' Roll band from the UK.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Graham Dominy at Embassy Studios

in Hampshire, and was released as a CD and for online streaming by Foot Tapping


Howlin' was recorded back in October of 2021 over two days, and is the culmination of

all the hard work and effort that Lobo Jones & The Rhythm Hounds have put into honing

their musical craft over the last couple of years. The album and its track list represent

Lobo Jones & The Rhythm Hounds individual identity and sound on the Rockabilly/Rock

'N' Roll scene.

The album blends together a variety of influences, including but not limited to;

energetic/beat driven rockabilly, emotive and moody blues and the talecrafting of

country/hillbilly music. These influences have been digested, learned from and tied

together with the song writing of frontman Lobo Jones alongside a handful of

Collaborators, as well as the bands enthusiasm and live presence (so perfectly captured

by engineer Graham Doniny) to form this all original, twelve track album.

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