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Lonesome Dave Fisher 7” 45 RPM “Brand New Shade of Cool” c/w “Cherokee Bluff”

2022 on Plan 9 Trash Records (P9S375)

This is the first I have heard from Lonesome Dave Fisher but I will definitely be checking out more of his recordings. Dave is from Austin Texas but records for an Austrian based label, Plan 9 Trash Records, who use the slogan the “Home Of Schnitzelbilly”. Dave was born in Austin, Texas but is currently based in Baltimore, Maryland.

Brand New Shade of Cool is a nice mid paced rockabilly track with Dave on vocals. He’s backed with some good slap bass to drive the track along. Along with a vintage sound the fact the track is just 1 minute 51 seconds long is a nice nod back to the days when tracks were often under two minutes in length to help get them on the radio.

Cherokee Bluff, the B side, is more straight country and definitely has a Johnny Cash feel to it and I do like the twangy guitar.

Dave is the singer-songwriter responsible for both sides. He has brought well-known musicians into the studio to record; Spike Katz on bass, Shaun Young on drums and lead guitarist Sean Mencher both of the band "High Noon".

A bit of trivia about Dave, he’s apparently a distant relation of the Texas rockabilly hero, Therman “Sonny” Fisher!

You can order the single from Plan 9 Trash Records or get it on download from Amazon.

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