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Los Vampiros Del Mar - Songs of Blood, Death, and Romance

Surf; Horror; Garage;

Released 04/10/23

Los Vampiros Del Mar are a solo project from Zac Campbell (all guitars, bass and drums) from Daytona Beach, Florida

Cover Artwork – Sean Detra

Logo Artwork – Robert Inhuman

Tracks review:

Only You Could Warm My Cold Black Heart – For this first track of the album, we are presented with a mesmerising guitar that takes you back to the 60’s. a very good intro track to the album.

Tahitian Blood Moonrise – A slow track, with great guitar performances that involves you in a hot summer night on a paradisiac beach. Sadyet beautiful. A fav one.

Invasion from the Blood Planet – A track where the prominence of some drums rhythm breaks and a powerful bass are very notable! The artist art on the different instruments are very well shown here.

Attack of the Surf Bat! – A fav of mine, remembering Dick Dale and his “Misirlou”, although with a bit slower pace. A perfect example of surf/garage music.

A Love As Dark and Deep As the Sea – Another slow paced tracked, blue and noir, perfectly described in the song name. With low down riffs and great drums work, you can imagine sailing away to the horizon as the dusk sets in and, obviously, without any musical similarity, the track name and instrumental work reminds me of Nick Cave’s The Weeping Song video.

Zombie VS Shark Battle Royal! – As mentioned before, another perfect example of what this genre is all about. A very rhythm guitar work and the classic snare instrumental with a constant beat that makes your body shake without even noticing.

Blackout the Sun and Hang 13! – Whilst wondering about the track name, we are presented with a track with some tempest effects that surrounds you along with another great guitar work. A mermaid’s call to the infinite danger.

Mai Tais and Type-O-tinis –This track could be on any David Lynch movie, with various different sections and a slow tempo, makes me wanna drink the cocktail while enjoying the artist great work on all instruments.

The Full Moon Lagoon - Starting (and finishing) with an howl, this track seems to invite you to a vampire ballroom in some old Transylvanian castle and leaves you with a sense of goodbye. Perfect track to end the album (with an howl).

Final thoughts:

A solid album in its genre where the artist plays all the instruments and presented us with a very good performance. Sounds fresh and, at the same time, takes you back to the golden era of surf music. I quite liked the production of the album, with a strong bass sound on all tracks that makes it very pleasant to enjoy. Buyers wont be disappointed.

Reviewed by Nuno (DJ Detroit) - 13/02/24

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