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Low Life Drifters – Chasing the Devil Release Date: May 2022. Reviewed: 5th November 2022 by Dave Diamond. Jimmy Feudale- guitar, lead vocals Chuck Carner- upright bass, harp, backing vocals Keith Beck- drums Mixed, mastered, and produced by John Stoecker at Razorblade Recordings Pittsburgh PA. Front cover artwork by Jeremy Bergitol. All tracks written by Jimmy Feudale and performed by The Low Life Drifters. Influences: Stray Cats, Social Distortion, Johnny Cash, Motorhead, Gene Vincent, Elvis Presley, Chop Tops, Reverend Horton Heat, The Meteors. Let’s have a listen to the tracks – Rooster’s In The House - kicks off with a rooster crowing…this number begins with a short guitar intro then off we go… …the track is a real kick ass stomper…the guitar and vocals from Jimmy are real raw, with Chuck’s bass, and Keith’s drumming really sitting just perfect in the mix… nice shout backs on the chorus too, this opening track has 2 fab instrumental breaks that make this a real catchy track. Clawdine - bass and drums opening this song, then boom in comes the chord strumming geetar,,,,now time for the vocals “Clawdine, why are you so mean?” Wow! This is a pure high octane powerhouse tune…you can really hear the bands influences on this self-penned track…would love to see this one played live! Just Keep Drinkin’ - the whole band start this number off…another electrifying paced tune from this great trio…tells the story about keeping on drinkin’ and singing them country songs…the way these guys are going I’m gonna be at the bar drinkin’ with them and screamin’ when they play..awesome! She’s Gone - Keith’s floor tom starts this, then in comes Chuck with the slapping bass and Jimmy with a raucous catchy geetar riff and a deeper vocal….for sure you can hear undertones of The Reverend on this tune…fantastic change of vocal at 2 min 45 seconds “She’s Gone, took that train and left me here today!” Cryin’ In My Beer - A slow country start to this number, “all alone in this bar and left me crying”…..then wow it really takes off like a rocket…telling the story that she’s taken everything and all he has left is a beer! Records, car, everything has gone… she said “goodbye in lipstick, on the bathroom mirror!” This one has a very anthem vibe to it…I can see the crowd raising their glasses high on this fab number. Off The Rails - nice higher mix on the slap bass on this number, rip roaring vocals from Jimmy…and love the way the drums ensure the pace is rockin all the way.. this one’s a real head shaking song that would be an instant hit at the clubs for sure. Big Train - Starts off with Jimmy telling us… “roll on big train roll on!” ….yay loving the powerful drum beat on this from Keith, fabulous harp from Chuck, great first solo from Jimmy’s geetar then the harp takes over the second break….tells the story of a man waiting to see his baby at the station and just longing for the big train to roll on in and bring her home to him…grab my cases! fabulous! It’s Gonna End Up Bein’ Me - 2 minutes 20 seconds of primitive rockin from this trio…great stop after 20 seconds and then we’re straight back in.. nice triple repeat at the end too! This track has a fab catchy chorus, and nice backing vocals that make this a very up tempo tune with fantastic lyrics… Chasing The Devil – this title track of the C.D. is the final tune of this 9 track C.D. release and at 3min 43 it’s the longest on this debut release…this is more of a stomper and at a strollin’ pace. Vocals are pure high energy backed up with fab musicianship once again…”chasing the devil straight to hell”….nice haunting solo and fab guitar work….get ready to stomp your feet to this one and your beer on the table! Tube clip. In their own words –about the band when formed gigs etc? The band was formed October 9th 2022 and we have played gigs in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. No distribution (trying to find a label) It's on Spotify, Apple Music and you can get it directly from us at CLOSING COMMENTS ABOUT THE ALBUM This powerhouse 9 track C.D contains all self-penned originals and is the band’s first release. The trio are from Pittsburgh PA and have released this themselves. It’s been great to do a review on this C.D as it is packed with nitroglycerin, sorbents and stabilizers that make it a 100% dynamite rockin’ high octane release that’s ready to explode when played at high volume! This is fantastic and if you’re looking for something to move you and get you going then you need to look no further than this album…contact the band straight away and get ready to be transported to the world of Low Life Drifters!!...great stuff! Reviewed by Dave Diamond

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