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Released – 20th January 2023 Reviewed 26th January 2023 by Rockin' Rebel. 4 of a Kind by Lower the Tone, Neo Rockabilly Band from Essex, England (UK) recorded at Highfield Studios.

Band Members Steve White - Double Bass Simon Tyler - Guitar Russ Moulds – Drums

This release is a 4 track self-penned EP, with songs written by both Simon and Steve. The band formed in 2007 and are achieving great success appearing both at rock n roll events and touring just about everywhere with their own brand of Neo. Covering songs from all decades adding their own style to some great classics. Steve and Simon formed the band first and Russ joined the band as Steve previously played alongside him in the Q Plates.

Well, no time like the present so let's get it on!

Track by Track:

Good News Train (Tyler/white) Nice opener from the lads. The track is brilliantly written with some great lyrics. The track mentions Like Breath of fresh Air, and it is to hear some simple rockabilly music. Guitar licks go well with the Slap Bass. Vocals by Simon are very good.

What Goes Around (White/Tyler) The intro is nicely done, starting off with some teeth-gripping bluesy guitar then the bass joins in with some slapping. Vocals by Steve on this track are ace with some good backing vocals. This really is a great bluesy rockabilly track. nice job boys.

Tipping the Apple Cart (Tyler/White) A great little rocker with another great intro. I do truly believe that the intro can make a song, and it makes this one, leading into some great lyrics and some brilliant guitar licks. It's just under three minutes long but could easily be extended to a 5-minute smasher.

Devils Daughter (White/Tyler) Starting with some session dialogue before the boys kick in with a faster paced track, the band are showing again their writing skills. Song sung well by Simon and could have gone a few octanes lower to give it a more darkened feel if they wanted to change the mood backed by a rockin' beat. The drums come through to match the guitar rhythm precisely.

Summary Really great EP from Lower the Tone with four very good written tracks. The music is also well composed to match the rhythm of the tracks. They worked well on each intro and showing us what the band can do. Track four allows you to hear a snippet of the band enjoying what they do. All the tracks are available on the streaming sites apart from Devils Daughter which can only be found on the EP. Well done to the band! We look forward to future releases!

Do I recommend it? Very much so, great tracks!

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