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Released - on January 21st, 2023, recorded at their own studio on SCAD Records. Available on cd, download and streaming formats Reviewed January 18th, 2023, by Rockin Rebel.

Lucky 757, from Portsmouth, Virginia, USA are a Rockabilly-Surf-Rock n Roll band that hit the scene in 2014.

Band Members Cory Spivey (lead guitar/lead vocal) Dan Spivey (rhythm guitar/backing vocals) Sam Haga (upright bass/backing vocals) Angel Lopez (drums/backing vocals)

The album consists of 14 tracks of which 11 are self-penned by father and son, Dan & Cory. Engineered by the band’s bassist Sam Haga. The album cover is a recreation of the legendary Gene Vincent’s second LP Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps from 1956. The band itself are closely followed by one of the original blue caps Dickie “Be Bop” Harrell who suggested the cover idea and goes along to watch the band perform whenever he can. Dan and Cory tell me how honoured they are to have such an iconic legend follow them. The three remaining tracks are covers from Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins and of course Gene Vincent. So, let's crank up the stereo, plug in the headphones and bang this beauty out.

Track by Track Review.

Let’s Get Ready Great start to the album with a tribute track to their idols Gene and Eddie. Great lyrics going through a discography of their hit records. Have we heard something similar from the Stray cats back in the day? Yes, but this brings a different sound with a great guitar and bass and the drums thrashing out in the back brings it all together.

Crazy legs First of the cover songs. A great version of Gene's classic hit from 1957.playing it straight down the road with this version. Nicely done lads.

Completely Sweet An Eddie Cochran track that’s a great little song and it flows in and out in different tempos. Some nice guitar once again. The slap bass keeps with the timing to a nice stroller.

Memphis Cats ‘That’s alright Mama’ style opening to this awesome sounding rockabilly track. The sound of Sun Records was definitely captured on this track both musically and vocally. Great track.

Broken Heart Up-tempo love song with a hint of a country feeling. Well written track that will get your head nodding along.

Glad All Over Not the Dave Clark Five track but the Carl Perkins hit. His final single on the Sun label, recorded in 1957. Perfect rendition from the band.

It's Time I Win Another track that bops along nicely to the steady rhythm of the band. The tingling sound of the bells is well delivered within the track. Vocals are spot on. Good little track.

Johnny’s Rockabilly Boogie. In reference to Johnny Burnette’s rockabilly sound which started a whole new sound across the rockabilly recordings, the band re-capture that sound in their own way, and there’s good production on this track.

Hot Diddly Bop Weakest track on the album, in my opinion, but holds its own for a bop or a jive.

I’m Gonna Miss Her Guitar shines out on this track. Re developing the sounds from the early influences of their heroes. Well written track that is well sung.

Don’t Know where I’ll Will End Up Mid-tempo track showing both the writing talent of both father and son and the band's unique style comes through to complete a great little track.

You can’t Always Win The snare drum leads the way in this track. Some nice guitar playing in this little boppity bop style track.

True Love is Hard to Find Starts with a gruesome rockabilly sound then slips into a mid-tempo track. The track is well written and performed.

B B B Baby This is the track I’ve been waiting for. Showing us that pure rockabilly sound from the guys. The guitar lights up the bass and drums whilst the vocal is deep within the music. Nice one lads we N-N-N-Need more of this.

Summary Great album from Lucky 757. They have great writing skills and perform each track to a very high standard. vocally strong. They clearly enjoy every song and every live performance. I do feel they have got a style they could really rock if they choose to. I applaud them for their honest tributes to the legends on this album. They have a lot of bookings and hope that one day they will make it to the UK events. I really enjoyed the album and look forward to more in the future.

Recommendation Yes for sure, it’s a great cd to have in the collection or on your playlist. It offers something different to each listener.

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