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Lets’ Get Ready-Lucky 757 Released-21st November 2022 on all digital platforms. Reviewed by Terry Mead 19 /11/2022 Lucky 757 are from Portsmouth, Virginia.EP Let’s Get Ready from their forthcoming album ‘Rockabilly Revival’ is a selection of Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran tributes. The Band consist of: Dan Spivey-Rhythm Guitar & vocals. Cory Spivey-Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar Sam Haga-Bass Angel Lopez-Drums This EP contains three tracks, one self -penned; the other two covers of Gene & Eddie songs. So, to the Review: Let’s Get Ready – I am, are you? So off we go with the title track from this EP, cleverly put together with some of the titles and riffs from Gene and Eddie’s songs. This self-penned track was written by Dan Spivey. Crazy Legs- Gene Vincent’s classic bopper, well this is as close to perfection as you can get, perfect intro correct tempo and sung by Cory to the degree Gene would have been proud of. Completely Sweet-As the title suggests this is a completely sweet version of the Eddie Cochran original. The tempo changes have been played at a slower pace compared to the original and there are some cool guitar licks making this a refreshing composition to listen to. To summarise, music is a clear and direct way to pay tribute to the past and if anybody is giving an appropriate nod to those days, it’s Virginia-based band, Lucky 757. It must be an honour for them to play Gene & Eddies music and they do in such a complimentary way. This is a prelude to their forthcoming album ‘Rockabilly Revival’ and a healthy taster in my mind for things to come. Track List: 1.Let’s Get Ready 2. Crazy Legs 3.Completely Sweet- Band Biography: In the hometown of the legendary Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps, Portsmouth, Virginia, familiar sounds ring loud and proud. With a Rockabilly focus, the band formed in 2014 around father/son duo Dan Spivey [Rhythm Guitar and Vocals] and Cory Spivey [Lead Vocals and Lead Guitar]. Bonded by Sam Haga [bass] and Angel Lopez [drums], Lucky 757 delivers the classic sounds of the 50’s and 60’s with original style. The band releases their newest album, Lonesome Lagoon, on July 21, 2018. A dive into the backstory of how they came together in 2014 and have developed their music to show a clear and conscious connection to the roots of their sound. “Lucky 757 started out as a rockabilly band playing tunes from Gene Vincent (from our hometown in Virginia) and his Blue Caps, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and others,” Sam adds. “This paved the way for us to get into surf rock just as Dick Dale had played rockabilly before pioneering surf music. Nokie Edwards of The Ventures also played with Buck Owens and the Buckaroos. Both genres were critical to popularizing the whammy bar and use of reverb which are still widely used.” “We were originally drawn to surf rock because we grew up on and loved the sound of The Ventures, Dick Dale, and The Safaris,” band member Sam Haga says.”We started learning a lot of their tunes and wanted to put out our own take of surf instrumental music, so we started writing some tunes. Mar Agitado came first which translates as, Rough Seas. We loved it and knew we had to keep going after that.” Steady roots in the Seven Five Seven area code of Virginia have given the band a platform to be broadcast globally and travel nationwide including performances at the Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion [NV], the Rats Nest Run Inn [NY], The Americana Music Fest [VA Beach], Neptune Fest [VA Beach], and the East Coast Surfing Championship [VA Beach]. Lucky 757 has won multiple VEER Magazine Music Awards and takes pride in being part of the great music scene in the 757 [VA].

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