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Release Date: 25th January 2023 Reviewed 30th January 2023 - by Dave Diamond Released on El Toro Records

BAND MEMBERS: Vocals: Maija ”Maibell” Tenkanen Drums: Heikki Sandrén Guitar: Kari Kunnas Slap Bass: Juho Kulmala Backing vox: Saana Kunnas Produced and mixed by: Kari Kunnas Mastered by: Kari Kunnas Front cover artwork by: Kari Kunnas Distribution - El Toro Records and also all rockin’ dealers like Bear Family, Goofin’ etc. Let’s have a listen to the tracks:

Fire – Kari tells me… “When I wrote this song it started out with some subconscious Gene Vincent themed idea on these opening lines which lead to the chorus where I started to add melodic elements and this wavy tail phrase. In the rehearsals the band arrangement took some Wanda Jackson/Collins Kids influences and that’s how the end result got into shape."

>>A brief guitar intro starts of this up-tempo number, then enters snare and bass, it then goes straight into the verse and great use of the snare rim to bring the rhythm section right down, until it explodes into the fantastic chorus section with all instruments right back in that sounds just awesome… Juho’s great slapping bass, staggered snare rolls from Heikki loving the really fabulous vocal of Maibell on this opening number, the harmonies from Saana and the backing shout backs… double solo on this tune and fantastic guitar work from Kari. The mixing is right on the money… at 2 minutes 11 this song really does have Fire…. This tune is hot!!

Hey You – and Kari tells me… “this tune was sent to me as a jazzy demo by Maibell where she had only her acoustic guitar accompaniment. The song worked like that to begin with but in the band rehearsal I accidentally created the guitar riff which goes along with the song and follows the chord structure of the original demo. Harmonies were added also to the final version to bring shine to the song."

>> This tune starts off with a 15 second turnaround and has a great rockin’ lounge feel to it. It’s a real finger clicking number with a fantastic strolling beat.. nice snare work and use of brushes that really does enhance this song on the verses, love the way the guitar fades in and out with that great catchy riff, the bass once again keeps the song flowing along nicely, fab key change in the vocals during the middle eight section, this number has great light and shade throughout…nice diminished jazzy chords just add to this really fantastic listening experience… love it!

In their own words: Formed in 2009 and first Album” Ride Along” released in 2010 our second album” Destiny” 2013, vinyl single "Love Is Cruel” 2019, all on El Toro Records. The band took on a style that mixes twangy bright modern rockabilly sound with melodic songs. Live gigs have also cover songs but recorded material is all written by the band, mainly by lead guitarist Kari Kunnas. The band got a big start in 2010 with gigs all over the big European festivals and it has continued doing shows ever since. Our last international appearance was in 2020 Rockin Race. Band influences/favourite bands? Toini and The Tomcats, Dave Phillips & The Hot Rod Gang, Wanda Jackson, Patsy Cline and many more.

CLOSING COMMENTS ABOUT THE SINGLE: The band are from Finland, and tell me they have a pile of songs ready for recording and are working on them currently and they are looking forward to doing live gigs locally and abroad. Their next gig in Finland will be 18th March together with Dave Phillips & The Hot Rod Gang.

This new 7-inch release from El Toro Records, is absolutely fantastic and both numbers complement each other so well… the faster up-tempo Fire is sure to get lots of airplay indeed and will be a sure-fire hit when played live, and then Hey You I can see being a great strollin’ dancefloor tune at the clubs…

Reviewed by Dave Diamond

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1 Comment

Kari Kunnas
Kari Kunnas
Feb 12, 2023

Thanks a lot for the fabulous article and review!

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