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Patiently by Marcel Riesco

Released on 05/08/2022

Reviewed 18/08/2022

Reviewed by Holger E. @radioteddyboys1983

Here are all the Musicians who contributed to the Album:

Marcel Riesco: Vocals, E-Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Tic-Tac Guitar, backing Vocals, Harmony Vocals and Hammond B3 Organ.

Gabe Tonon: E-Guitar and Baritone Guitar. Andy Gibson: Steel Guitar. Walter Hartman: Drums. Dennis Crouch: Slap-Bass. Cody Campbell: Piano. Isabella Brown: Backing Vocals, Harmony Vocals. Alex Praefcke: Guitar. Michael Kirscht: Slap-Bass. Daniel Lunkenheimer: Drums. Aaron Mlasko: Drums. Jared Manzo: Slap-Bass

The 3 Sound Engineers on this Album are: Cameron Davidson, Ike Stoye and Luke Chalk.

This is the next step for Marcel Riesco. A brand new Album on Bear Family Records. The obvious point would be the similarity of his vocals to a young Roy Orbison, which he actually researched in depth for the only Biography of Roy Orbison together with Orbison’s three sons. This new Album is a mix of velvet smooth vocals in a late 50’s style and a dash of Western influence.

Track by Track

1.: Patiently: What a start to the new album. Very dry and reverb loaded Guitar. Perfect timed Drums with tons of Cymbal action to keep everything in perfect harmony. A subtle Slap-Bass sits just every so slightly in the background to point the focus to the smooth vocals. The track is with a Piano that fill’s just the quite parts between the vocal breaks. Just outstanding.

2.: Stranded In Dallas: The Rhythm gets your attention right out of the block. With Lead Guitar and Steel Guitar trading places and a Rhythm Guitar like a Steam Train. This is pushed forward by a very happy Drum-set. The Slap-Bass is staying a bit behind the Drums to not intrude or overpower. Here come the two worlds of Western and Rockabilly together and is topped of with these unforgettable vocals.

3.: Honey Kiss: Beautiful Duet. These vocals melt into each other. This is like Roy Orbison never left ( Well to me anyway). On this track the vocals are the main point. The Guitar stepped well back into the background only to play in harmony with the Piano. Very soft Slap-Bass to give the track even more volume. Floating on clouds would describe the Drums better than just plain effortless played Drums.

4.: You’ve Got Love: Nice happy up-beat song that definitely gives you the love. Listen to the reverb happy Guitar that bounces of the Slap-Bass to form one unit. Cool but quite rolling Drums that show the way.

5.: Sands Of Gold: Riding into the sunset. This ballad must be some forgotten song from Roy Orbison. Marcel Riesco penned and produced a Masterpiece. The flow of melodies and harmonies i have not heard in years and years. You will melt away by listening to this song. Wonderful Steel Guitar to paint the perfect backdrop for the song in cooperation with an Organ and Piano. Shuffle like Drums that drum you into dreamland.

6.: Broken Hearted: Here comes the Western Train. Deep Slap-Bass that blends into the Drums to produce the perfect Train Rhythm. With the Rhythm Guitar pushing onwards the tracks the Steel Guitar provides the Trains Steam Whistle. Lead Guitar is finger picking good. Marcel’s voice is the fuel to fire this Train.

7.: What I Feel In My Heart: Sticking with the same formula than the last song. This one is a Love song or a song of a broken Heart. Lovely Organ just sitting in the background to be in harmony with the vocals. Piano and Drums running the show and support the Steel Guitar. Slap-Bass sounding a bit sad but sits nicely in the middle.

8.: First Date: Let’s get the Heart Beat up and running. Up-tempo track where the Slap-Bass is in it’s element with lovely Percussions tagging along. Trading places between Steel and Lead Guitar keeps this song as interesting as a First Date. And on this song Marcels vocal range comes out to shine even brighter than before.

9.: How Do You Pretend: Sticking with loads of Steel Guitar to give this song a Western feel. Marcels vocal range is just out of this world or should i say a Godsend. Just floating every so slightly in the background is the Bass which is softly played. Cymbal heaven and rolling Drums to give an authentic drama to this song.

10.: Mister Bartender: Late 1950’s Grand Ole Opry Western style song. This pulls on your heart strings and maybe reminds you of yourself. Steady Slap-Bass to hold you up. Drums to just drop you back only to be picked up again from the Lead Guitar and Steel Guitar. Marcel hits the nail on the head with the lyrics.

11.: You’ve Got Everything: This up-beat song could easily be in a soundtrack from back in the days, the era we all love. The balance between vocals and backing vocals is amazing. It’s more a bouncing of each other.

12.: You Know It’s True: With the sliding of the Steel Guitar this track gets a bit of a Hawaiian feeling. In conjunction with a fingerpicking Lead Guitar it turns at times into a Western style. Low down Bass that brings volume to the song. Underlined with a dry Rhythm Guitar and Percussions that stay in the shadows. The Vocals are put nicely in the front of all and tells you a beautiful short story. Oh you know it’s true.

13.: Trying To Forget: Down-beat tempo ready for the biggest stage you can find ( The Royal Albert Hall). With tons and tons of low down Bass. Drums that are played so slow and soft at the same time that you will never forget it. In this song everything comes together. Unbelievable and unforgettable vocals which are powered by a slick Rhythm Guitar and Lead Guitar that burns itself into your ears. The dramatic energy comes from the Steel Guitar and the Piano.

14.: Another Country Song: Saying Goodbye with this last song, that has an up-beat feel. And i do not believe that this is the Last Country Song Marcel will sing. This is the Hello to the next bigger step for Marcel and his Band. Fingerpicking Guitar that paves the way for a cool rhythm, more and more sliding steel in conjunction with a dancing Slap-Bass and very short and dry Drums. Say Goodbye to say Hello.


Marcel and his Band set foot on the biggest stages of Rock’n’Roll/Rockabilly Festivals including Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. So there is no surprise that Patiently is one of the Records to look out for this year. It’s a must have. The way harmonies and melodies flow is extraordinary. The way old school Rockabilly and Western influence is presented shows you that not only Marcel is a great musician with, out of this world vocals, but he is a great Producer with the finest of touches for this music.

Now after listening to the album a second and third time, it blows my mind. The longer you listen to it the better it gets. The vocals alone are unbelievable and staying so close to Roy Orbison’s early years that it made my hair stand in the back of my neck. The compositions and arrangements are in a class of their own. The Musicians on this album are not only hand picked, they are made for this music and album.

In his own words:

This is the beginning of a new era for me, and certainly a milestone in my career, a career I am so thankful for.

I have come a long way from when I started, when my love for Roy Orbison encouraged me to form my first band. Now, I am happy to say that it’s a great honor for me to have a release on this magnificent label. Bear Family Records represents more than what i can express in these notes – their reputation is made of stone, and their support for the music we all love is incommensurable, true, strong. They have proved time and time again, decade after decade, that they are on the right track, always presenting excellent material (both sonically and visually). This is a thrill, and I sincerely hope you enjoy this record as much as i have enjoyed making it for you.

Most of all, I am truly thankful to you, all of you who listen to my music.

Rockinly yours

Marcel Riesco

Track listing:

1.: Patiently:

2.: Stranded In Dallas:

3.: Honey Kiss:

4.: You’ve Got Love:

5.: Sands Of Gold:

6.: Broken Hearted:

7.: What I Feel In My Heart:

8.: First Date:

9.: How Do You Pretend:

10.: Mister Bartender:

11.: You’ve Got Everything:

12.: You Know It’s True:

13.: Trying To Forget:

14.: Another Country Song:

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