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Recorded in 2021 and released on the Thunderball Records label in Dec 2022. Reviewed by Tom Doel in Feb 2023.

This album is a collection of Country- influenced songs, Rock n Roll and Western Swing numbers so of course it’s just the right mix for me to review.

You will know some of them but there is also a track written by Marco as well as classic tracks written by Johnny Cash, Don Gibson, John Fogerty, Bob Dylan and Phil Everly plus others. It also features some guest vocalists and some of the top musicians who have played in top bands from around the world. Marco himself says, "I am so glad and proud to be able to present this new album of mine. During my career I have had the pleasure and honor of being able to collaborate with artists of international caliber, both live and recording studio (with almost 3000 concerts from the USA to China) and this has allowed me to spend unforgettable moments and at the same time to play with many of my idols and colleagues.. This album is a collection of Country-influenced songs, as well as other musical influences such as Rock'n'Roll and Western Swing..."

Guest musicians are- Brent Mason , Billy Burnette, Kevin Smith , Dave Roe , Joscho Stephen , Chris Scruggs , James G Creighton ,Perry Balleggi , Massimo Di Maggio , Perry Giannetti , Fabrizio Morganti , Riccardo Dellocchio.

The album features 10 tracks: Side 1 Don’t think twice, it’s all right- Written by Bob Dylan this cover is given a bit more of a Country twang and is played at a higher tempo than the original. I especially love the guitar and steel giving it a 60’s feel. A great Start to the album.

I don’t mind – One of my favourite Pee Wee King numbers and I applaud anyone who attempts it. This version is top notch kept very much like the original brilliant. Everybody’s talkin- Written by Harry Nilsson this track was used in the film Midnight Cowboy kept much like the original great vocals from Marco.

Travelin band – Written by John Fogerty of the Creedence clearwater Revival. I was very interested in hearing this track played in a more rock and roll style with pumping piano still a great cover.

Names and addresses- Written by Jr Brown I love the track this cover version is great easy as good as the original.

Side 2 Till the end of the world- Written by V Horton and recorded by various artists including Jim Reeves and Jimmy Wakely both of those are slower tempo which was the style of the day. Marco plays it up tempo and gives it a jazzy swing.

Oh, lonesome me – Written by Don Gibson and covered by many Country stars over the years this cover has a Derailers feel to it I love it.

Give my love to Rose- Written by Johnny Cash of course this cover keeps it much like the original but with Steel guitar it works well I really like it.

When will I be loved- Written by Phil Everly and recorded by the Everly Brothers one of my favourite harmony vocal bands. Vocals on this cover are James G Creighton and Marco Di Maggio and they do a great job.

Marco’s Boogie- Written and performed by Marco who also plays all of the instruments guitars , Bass and drums. This demonstrates Marco’s musical talent perfectly it’s a fast paced instrumental and an awesome finish to a great album. This album is really really good I know the musicians are of top quality but that doesn’t always guarantee a good result the hard work still has to be put in to make it all come together as well as the mixing and editing which was also all done by Marco himself.

I can highly recommend this album to any Country fans it’s well worth the money and one I was more than happy to review!

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