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Released January 2023 on band's own label

Reviewed February 2023 by Paul

Wow! Here we have a great 10 track CD from the new band Marco J and The Jaywalkers with a real great mix of rockin’ styles. Seven of the tracks are written by Marco Gioe with three great covers. The band is Marco Gioe on vocals and guitar, Alberto Petrigno on bass Alfonso Vella on sax, Francesco Palmisano on piano and Federico Chisesi on drums. The album was recorded at Retro Studios Milan.

Although the band is new Marco is really well known not only for The Ballroom Kings but also the rockabilly band Marilu. Look ‘em up on Youtube for some great stuff. But let's concentrate on the songs on this new CD for now!

ROLL ROLL ROLL (M Gioe) The CD gets off to a flying start with this anthemic rocker which must go down well at their gigs. A biting guitar solo here

NON MALE (M. Gioe) With Italian lyrics a struggle with being “normal” or a rebel! Real driving beat

BIG GREEN EYES (M. Gioe) a real change of pace here with Marco besotted with his lover's eyes. A lovely stroller with a lilting guitar, fantastic track

YOU’RE SO NICE (M.Gioe) Change of pace here with this Haley inspired song Is that Franny Beecher on guitar?? Great call and response number for all the jivers!

LERI (Luigi Tenco) a lovely 1950’s song originally by Luigi Tenco a famous italian singer/songwriter of the 1950’s and ’60’s. Good beat

ARABIAN LOVE CALL (White, Gains, Matassa) solid cover of the Art Neville song. Moves along nicely

JAYSURFER (M.Gioe) amazing original instrumental where Dick Dale meets The Shadows. Real biting guitar and solid drumming

TUTTO OK (M. Gioe) again sung in Italian, about wanting to be alone for a while at the end of a relationship. A real blues belter that drives on and on

BOOM (M.Gioe) Relentless beat and mesmerising backing vocals from this sure fire winner

THAT’S THE GROOVY THING (Earl Bostic) Really rocked up version of the 1946 Bostic track. Imagine Haley's Comets playing with Freddie Bell's Bellboys and The Stargazers and you’re there! Superb ending to a fantastic CD

In summary a really great mix of styles from a band that I am sure is going places. If you’re quick you can catch them on tour in Belgium and The Netherlands.

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