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Marksmen - Another Perfect Day.

Released May 2023 on the band’s own label. Available from the usual streaming platforms such as Spotify. Buy the album here: Reviewed May, 2023

Three of the ten tracks are original compositions, the other seven tracks are covers of well known rock ‘n’ roll and rockabilly numbers.

There are four guys in the band from Finland: Tero on vocals and rhythm guitar, Harri on lead guitar, Arto on slap bass and Ari on drums.

Review Track by track:

1 Lawdy Miss Clawdy – Pounding piano at the start of this track which is soon supplemented by a nice slap bass. The guitars provide some nice fills to the fine vocals. A little faster than the Lloyd Price original.

2 Shake Rattle and Roll – This track is a great rocker! Again the piano does a lot of the work with bass and drums providing a solid beat. It is nearly two minutes into the song before you really notice the guitar player, but he provides a break with some nifty picking. Lyrics wise, this is closer to the Joe Turner version than the Bill Haley.

3 Another Perfect Day – This is a nice mid paced rocker written by Harri, the lead guitarist and given that fact it is no surprise that the guitar features. The surprise is that there is also some nice sax playing too.

4 Honey Don't – A good cover of this Carl Perkin’s classic.

5 Tear It Up – I really like the guitar sound on this version which holds its head up nicely alongside the Johnny Burnette’s Trio original.

6 Just Because – This version is heavily influenced by the one by Elvis on his first album. More fantastic guitar work over a great beat from the bass and drums.

7 The Ride – The second original track on the album written by the lead guitarist, Harri. His picking shines nicely, a nice piece of mid paced rock and roll.

8 Rip It Up – A very good cover version with a pounding piano break. A good jiver.

9 I Got a Woman – I think the Elvis influence is clear on this rocking cover of the Ray Charles classic. More great piano and lead guitar work. A good rocker!

10 Lovesick Rag – The third original track which is also written by Harri Some of the best guitar playing on the album and my favourite track. A nice end to an enjoyable collection.

Summary: I really enjoyed this album. The cover versions have a fresh feel to them which I think is essential when dealing with such well known songs. The original tracks are well written and show off the guitar playing skills of Harri very nicely. The musicianship and production are very good throughout. I recommend it at least as a download but remember it is better for the band if you get the actual CD.

Jailhouse John Alexander

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