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Meanwhile Back In The Lab- Unlucky Strike

Buy the album here: (CD’S are also available from the band at gigs).

Released 28th October 2023. Recording Mixing and Mastering – Matt & Tom Bishop at Inspire Music Recording Studios.       

Reviewed by: Terry Mead 01 /12/2023 Unlucky Strike are a writing duo from North Staffordshire, England who describe themselves as “ A little touch of old school Rock and Roll put in a modern world...

The band for the album are: Chris Rushton -Guitar & drums. Gemma Rushton-Vocals. Alex Philips- Double bass.

The debut album” Meanwhile Back In The Lab” that has been 3 years in the making contains 10 self-penned tracks peppered in between with radio banter, UFO Sightings, and the Feds.

Review track by track:

Break These Chains- After the first of six indents “Welcome to Unluckyville” we break ( no pun intended) into the first track on the album which has an 80’s ring about it, with its fast-paced pounding beat and awesome guitar work. Gemma’s’ voice just puts the icing on the cake fulfilling the era.

Dancing In Broken Glass- Another stonker with a thumping rhythm not for the faint hearted . This track with its frantic drum beat and a powerful guitar break won’t let you stop for air .

3AM Again- So the pace is toned down for this track and the beautiful voice of Gemma Rushton sings this lovely tune with some acoustic accompaniment from hubby Chris, which will have the heart strings going as she tells us she doesn’t want to be alone anymore.

This Drinking Game -Another indent about a Tonic leads us into this drinks track, a kind of a Stray Cat strut beat with some bluesy licks and the powerful voice of Gemma R. driving it along.

Lucky 7 Club- Pumping sounding high energy Rockabilly track with some cool guitar breaks from Chris R. sounds like ” Lucky 7 Club’ is the place to be.

City Beautiful – Another indent from a caller on the air then straight into “City Beautiful” a place that sounds like being in Rock n Roll heaven and this track bounces you all the way there.

Angel Hair – A vintage audio sound starts this track off with Gemma sounding like she is singing in a distant box before it cracks into a lament of some odd character’s, there is some quirky guitar work from Chris along the way.

Fatal Addiction – After the perfume advert, we blast into this Neo-Rockabilly number which mid-way changes tempo before building up into a final crescendo.

Strings Attached- More of a laid-back bluesy jazz number with some fine guitar breaks and high-level vocals from Gemma.

From Trust To Treason- (They’re Shuttin’ Us Down) the men in suits are coming!!!!! Great indent to prelude us into the final track on the album. It’s a ripper to end with a touch of Greensleeves thrown in all played at supersonic pace.

 But wait folks that’s not quite the end there’s one more final indent (Destroy All Humans) a typical 50s UFO type one.

So, to summarise: Well, there you have 10 self-penned tracks to wet your appetite all unique in their own way and recorded in a modern Rockabilly way. I’ve not seen Unlucky Strike as yet but what I have discovered about them is they are a hard-working duo who are passionate about their music.

So, to end with highly recommend you give this album a listen and better still get along to catch them live but book the next day off as they will leave you breathless after their energic performance, I’m sure.

 You tube clip Break These Chains-                                                      

3AM Again Official video;

Band Bio (In the words of the band)

If you like story driven lyrics and epic rockabilly guitar solos, then buckle up and knuckle down for the vintage fuelled ride of your life! ��If the Rockabilly genre is a lovingly restored classic car that has been kept in original pristine condition, then Unlucky Strike is the full Custom Hot Rod having the outward appearance of a timeless classic but with a modern engine and performance. ��Their Neo Rockabilly style pays homage to traditional themes and tones but with a more contemporary writing style. ��Since 2020 they began building a following online via Facebook live gigs which caught the attention of Leek Blues and Americana Festival event organisers who loved the bands Modern Rockabilly approach and their inventive ways of creating a bigger live sound through the use of vocals, one guitar and a looper pedal. Since playing at the Leek Blues Americana Festival in late 2021 where they supported The Hawkmen who are a popular London based rockabilly band. ��Hitting the ground running in 2022 they secured a slot supporting the acclaimed Canadian Rock band The Damn Truth as part of their UK tour. Throughout 2022 the band showed no signs of slowing down with a summer full of festival slots before seeing out the year with their debut full band performance and first annual Halloween Ball where they played to a sold-out audience to finish out 2022. ��2023 has seen Unlucky Strike playing more festivals and Completing their debut album named "Meanwhile, Back In The Lab..." which was released on October 28th to coincide with their second annual Halloween Ball.

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