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Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Released on 8th February 2023 on Raucous Records

Reviewed 21st February 2023 by Dave Diamond

Band formed in 2011 in Marseille, France ,

Vocals, Moonbase: Mick Wigfall

Drums: Mr K

Guitar: JC

produced by: Mick Wigfall.

Recorded in England, and mixed by Savage sound studio.

Artwork: by a guy called Dracula in Marseille.

Let’s have a listen to the tracks:

Hot Legs – here we go…opening song of this 5 track release and it’s a self-penned number from Mick…it kicks off with a 25 second intro section until Mick's voice comes rockin’ in the mix. … this is a mid-paced rocker of a track that has a great raw vibe to it… a really great number with JC’s fab catchy guitar lick running through it…sporadic cymbal crashes and that steady snare beat from Mr K, mixed in with Micks growling vocals and his slapping bass this tune is stomping…boom… great solo section that really does lift the track to the top floor …”she turns the heads, cos she’s got hot legs!”… love it!

Money Man – another original tune written by Mick…this time round a deeper vocal from Mick… nice chugging rhythm section with great drum rolls interspersed with more kick ass slapping bass and twanging guitar riffs… digging the lyrics on this number… fantastic stop sections and change of tempo’s throughout makes this a real ear worm of a tune… at 2 minutes 43 seconds it sure is a Round Robin of a tune that’s gonna keep you howlin’ for more!… it’s a really energetic track… turn up the volume daddios!!!

Bird Dogging – The well-known Gene Vincent track given a swampy blues makeover from this dynamic trio… fantastic version with a strollin’ beat that really showcases the whole band's musicianship and what a fantastic sound they have. I’m just loving the yelps and screams and the key changes in the instrumental break mixed in with yeahs, cor blimey this sure does hit the jackpot when it comes to making a cover track your own! Would love to see this version played live…y-e-a-h-…top notch!

Up Jumped The Devil - Up Jumped the Devil was originally written by Ronnie Dawson and Barney Koumis and was first released by Ronnie Dawson in 1994. Here Mick and the Toxics take on this number and once again put their own stamp on this classic…that slapping bass is cutting through the mix awesomely, and yet again more fantastic vocals from Mick and mixed in with top notch piano playing from Ryan Savage too. This version is 25 seconds longer than the original and is a stomping cover.

Bikini Girls – Mick tells me…” The track bikini girls I was a guest on!” “There is a band called The Warrior Kids who are from Marseille France , punky ska type band. They have been going since the 80s! Originally written by The Cramps, here is the band's take on this number… fantastic production on this version… It has that electrifying chorus that builds up through the verses and for sure blows the sockets right off the wall… high voltage at its best and what a fab track to end this knockout 5 song E.P. release.

In his own words…

Me being old time, Rockabilly, Elvis [are] a big influence for me, Gene Vincent and always loved modern bands are always respected, such as Restless..

About Mick… He bought his first double bass at the age of 16 after dabbling with a skiffle type tea-chest bass. Self-taught, his first band was The Rock-Its who did a few gigs whilst he was just 17.

After that he was involved with several other rockin' combos – The Guana Batz, Rabbit Action & The Cobras to name a few. He was a founding member of the Enforcers which included Darrell Higham as well as playing with Paul Ansell's Number 9, Sonny West & The Rhythm Kings & Clive's Jive Five (all big acts on the rock & roll scene of the day) .

Musical legends Mick has played alongside reads like a Who's Who of Rockabilly / Rock & Roll. People such as Scotty Moore, DJ Fontana & The Jordanaires (Elvis' band), Ray Sharp, Mac Curtis, Sleepy La Beef, James Burton, Alvis Wayne, Alvin Stardust & Shakin' Stevens.

As part of The Enforcers he was asked to play for Stella McCartney’s wedding in 2003, where he also backed Paul McCartney.

With Ryan Sim-Savage he set up Sweet Georgia Brown recording studios in Hornsey, North London.

He's worked with Jeff Beck & Robert Plant in the studio where they recorded the soundtrack to Charlotte Church's movie I’ll Be There.

As well as the current band Mick tells me that he is currently playing with Johnny Bach and the Moon Shine boozers as I was the original bass player back in the day and promoters have asked for original line up so he’s started doing a few more gigs again, and also taken on some dep gigs with Carlos as a Bandido. Mick Wigfall and the Toxins are Looking at a gig in Marseille this year, and then hopefully this year later on in the spring, some gigs down the south coast .. uk

All of my material is available from raucous records ( Or eBay streaming available on Amazon, iTunes Spotify.


Rock ‘n’ Roll power trio, … this savage rockin band based in Marseilles, France, really do have a fantastic rockin’ kick to their sound. I have really enjoyed listening to these 5 tracks not once but many times as they all have a venomous bite to them!…for sure Mick Wigfall and the Toxics is a fantastic C.D. that I highly endorse and deserves airplay so go get yourselves a copy! It’s dynamite!

You Tube Clip:

Reviewed by Dave Diamond

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