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Monster A Go-Go - I Drink Your Blood

Horror-Punk/Surf-Rock band

GHOUL-ROCK! Songs about Strange Dreams and Graveyard Scenes!

20 blood soaked demos remixed and collected together for the first time. These are the 2003-2005 demos. Super raw home recorded punk stuff.

Released 01/10/23

Monster A Go-Go are:

Vincent October – Guitar, bass and vocals

Stiv Mortis - Drums

Available at Kloppstock Records

Tracks review:


Transylvania – a very “punk rock” song in structure, with the only lyrics being “transylvania” on repeat. Short and fast! Nice “bats” effects right at the start of the song!

Catacomb – another fast paced track, starting with a guitar riff and followed by rumbling drums! The voice really suits the song.

I Drink Your Blood – Hearing some kind of vampire saying “I drink your blood” as an intro, once again, they show us the same fast paced punk structure. Quite liked the guitar riffs and the brief instrumental brake.


Atom-Age – a vampiresque intro gives way to a fast track, with that distinctive buzz distorted guitar sound! The drums work very well with the bass.

Fangs In Your Neck – Powerful drums starts this one that, with other lyric content, could feature on any 80’s band punk album

In A Coffin – another “regular” punk song, fast and furious with a repeated chorus!

Into The Nite – nice bass intro, which presents us to a more elaborated track! Very good rhythm sections and a catchy solo! A sing a long one, regarding the backing vocals! A fav one!

Vampyr – with only 59 secs and absent of lyrics, we’re left with some good instrumental to enjoy! The bass dominates this track! Really liked the “ghosts” effects that surround the first part of the track that takes your imagination to some monsters and vampires B movie.

I Drink Your Blood – another version (from the 2003 demo)! No intro on this one (the 2003 have a “I drink your blood” vampire voice) and the band added an “extra” second riff. Better than the previous. Christopher Lee would be happy!

The Bat Whispers (live) – Fast and furious track! Guess it suited the audience, as we can hear the applause at the end of the song!


I Was A Teenage Vampire – Here we have a solid track, with a more elaborated structure! Very nice guitar work and a very steady rhythm!

The Craving – Like the previous track I was a teenage vampire), this 2005 demo track is more elaborated, with more lyrical content and more instrumental richness.

In Mourning – The band return to the fast and furious pace, yet, following the same more elaborated structure. The sound production is way better too!

Vampyr – another remix (of the 2004 version), short and fast but with a more catchy sound! A better version than the old one! The bass is even stronger on this version and the “ghost” effects changed form the first part to the second half of the song!

Nocturnal – Here we have a fast track that breaks to a slower pace and, for the first time, a very melodic guitar solo and a cleaner sound! Ends as it has begun: fast and furious!

Vincent Solo Demos 2003

Fangs In Your Neck – another version of the 2003 demo track, with the main difference being the production that turned out to be way better than the previous!

Transylvania – no intro effects, no vocals and a touch slower than the 2003 version, I rather prefer this one as it sounds better!

Catacomb – Another version of the 2003 demo one, where the main difference is, again, the better production! Also a bit slower than the first one!

I Drink Your Blood – On this new demo version, there’s no vampire intro, while the rest of the song stays identical to the older version, maintaining the same fast paced punk structure!

Teenage Vampire (rehearsal 2005) – being just a rehearsal, not as good as the 2005 demo one but it shows that they did a very nice job to improve the song!

Police Interrupt Practice – as the title says, just an interruption, while recording/practising a song. The band was in a good mood!

Final thoughts:

With a very characteristic demo sound production, these recordings presented us with some sort of punk-horror themed tracks. I must say that, in this case, the way these demos sound, it really suits the songs, both lyrically and instrumentally. The majority of those tracks are in a punk structured formula, short and fast! Talking about vampires, catacombs, drinking blood, fangs and Transylvania. As mentioned before, with another lyrical content, most of these songs could fit any 80’s punk-rock band! A final note for the vocals, which I find very suitable for the work that the band has done!

Reviewed by Nuno (DJ Detroit) - 16/02/24

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