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Pat - Surfing Through Bullshit

Released Jan 20, 2023 Reviewed 28th April 2023.

Pat otherwise known as Patrick Herb who lives in Mannheim, Germany but originally from Heidelberg in Germany. Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Drum Programming, Mixed By, Recorded By – Patrick Herb, Genre Descried as Instrumental Surfpunk. Released on Evil Rat Records. Also, a member of the groups -Loaded, Loco Gringos, Achtung Spitfire

Lets go Track by track Enough Starts with a monologue of “as if I didn’t have enough problems” great guitar riff bringin the rhythm of the drums into action. A catchy tune with some nice guitar work. nice opener Attack From Planet Zorxus Starting off with a warning from the planet Zorxus before the attack. Full guitar battle with shots of Lazers and beams clashing against the beat from the drums. Great imagination from the writer. It could also be like Orcus the minor-planet a trans-Neptunian dwarf planet with a large moon, Swimming With Plesiosaurs Pat giving us some sublime guitar licks on this journey of swimming with the plesiosaurus, which is by the way an extinct marine reptile from the Triassic Period, 3 minutes of guitar greatness. Surfin' Punk Zombies The sea calms your fears as the guitar raises the tension to this punk inspired zombie chasing track. once again, some great imagination behind the tracks. Sexbot Six Booth Staged in an old suicide booth and encouraged to enjoy the ride, claims to give you pleasure. And the music will certainly do that. Screams of horror and shock bring this track to a close. Killer Surf Brilliant sounds and rhythms coming through the speakers with some great drumming. Classic surf sound. Bat Snatch A mixture of some superb drumming and guitar brings this track to life. A sense of running from terrors all around. Great mix of instruments. Destroy The Earth The last track does not disappoint but raises the tension for a second album. finishing with some heard hitting guitar and drums. Summery Not much info out there on the artist but he leaves you in search of old material to see what else he offers. This is a short release but gives a great insight to an artist imagination and writing skills. Patrick Herb | Discography | Discogs

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