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Pink and Black by NYMONICS

Released- October 2023

Reviewed – 20th January, 2023 by Rockin Rebel


Stephan Griebel - Lead-Guitar, Vocals

Florian Hansmann - Double Bass, Vocals

Andreas Krause – Drums, Vocals

Mark Johnson-Jones - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals


From Hamburg, Germany. They are described as a Doo Wop, rockabilly and rock n roll band, they provide Rockin versions of old ballads and like to give the audience a real treat on the rockabilly up-tempo article reads about the boys as follows “Stephan Griebel, Vocals His strange charisma and his dynamic twisted movements support his loose mouth in performing a hilarious stage show. Florian As the youngest member of this gang, his extremely positive personality is of great aid in his daring acrobatics during the stage show he performs together with Stephan. Krause, is the living groove metronome who pounds away in the background. (You may call him the new Gene Cooper!) His cool method to ignore original arrangements of certain songs influences the style of the NYMONICS. Recorded at the FUNKLOCH STUDIOS, Hamburg sound engineer: Florian Hansmann -  and in the small backyard studio, somewhere in the Thuringian Forest. Mix, master, artwork, pre-press: Stephan Griebel - Band photos: Christiane Griebel I Old photos: the band members‘ private photo archive I believe that’s all we need to know, so lets tune in and commence a full track by track review.


Starting with a great cover of the Carl Perkins hit. Classic guitar on the intro before the bass and drums join the backing. Great vocals to this opener with doo wop harmony and mood setter for the album.


First released in 1978 as a B-side to So Strange by the Mellows from New York, this was an unofficial release and then appeared on a 1994 album Yesterday's Memories on the Relic label and believed to be an UNRELEASED demo from the Apollo record label recorded in 1958. The Boys do an awesome version of this track, keeping it as the doo wop but with a faster backing and added harmony vocal. I'm liking this version.


To many artists to name for this classic doo wop track written way back in 1934 by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart. It remains a favourite out on the scene for the DJs. The Nymonics give this track the full works but keeping it to how it should be done just like the original. Great vocals again with the backing and harmonies to bring a great cover.


First release by The Cliques, written by Joe Josea, Jesse Belvin in 1956. A rare treat to hear this song being re-recorded some 58 years since its first aired on our radios. The guys give it a 2023 makeover to a modern track but keeping the 50s vibe.


Second track by the rockabilly giant Carl Perkins to feature. And why not it’s a brilliant track and favourite of many. Great backing sound from the boys with plenty of bass slapping away in the background. Nice guitar break along with that slapping bass. Vocally spot on. Great little album filler.


So nice to hear this cover, a very rare track not covered by many bands, in fact I’m struggling to think of one. Written and performed by the great Dion and released as a single in 1962. If you listen hard enough you can hear traces of Runaround Sue. Again, the boys give a great vocal with their own personal touch, great version lads.


Get them dancing shoes dusted off and enjoy a great rendition of this 1962 hit. Released on the Saville record label and performed by its writer Ernie Maresca. Thomas F. Bogdany was also a part of the writing team. Most of today's listeners will remember the 1982 cover by Rocky Sharpe and the Replays. I really like the intro on this version with some nice drums.


Performed by the guy who sacked his band in 1954 after seeing Elvis live on stage, changed direction and went on to rockabilly. Therman Fisher went on to record many classics and was inducted to the rock n roll hall of fame. The band gave a new lease of life on this 1956 release. The intro kicks off with the symbols before the guitar and bass takes charge. Some great slap bass during the breaks. Great track.


Rendition of the Elvis Presley song from the movie “it happened at the world’s fair” 1963. which is one of the tracks where Elvis changes the backing singers from the Jordanaires to the Mellow Men. Nice version with the use of a different side to the backing music by the band, would love to hear this live.


Written by Clarence H. Jr. Bassett and first released as the Videos’ their debut single in 1958 f and then later in 2010 by the Bobcats. Extremely rare cover of a great track which the boys make a cracking job of the song. Slightly faster tempo. Once again, their style of doo wop. Nice to have this track back in the Rockin domain again.


A fast tempo to this Neil Sedaka Ballard song. Turned into a great doo wop backing and harmonies. Vocals are perfect, letting the lyrics flow with the music. Taking such a classic ballad and re-working it takes so much courage, but the boys have nailed it.


1962 hit by the Cookies written by the husband-and-wife partnership Gerry Goffin and Carole King. A rare track being covered by the band, and they nail it. With its Doo Wop and Rockin rhythm makes a great cover. I also believe it sits just in the right place on the track listing, bringing the mood back up.


Probably one of the most covered rock and roll tracks. So, giving it a different feel is a must for me. And yes, you guessed the Nymonics really give this a turnover, bringing a backing just as if the Jordanaires were behind them. Bass and drums bring a foot tapping backing with guitar giving it all in the break and ending, brilliant cover.


Talk about going back in time, first published in 1928 for the film of the same title, written by Clifford R. Burwell, Mitchel Parish. It’s been covered by some of the greats over the years such as Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and more recently by Donnie Brooks. The boys take this mild tempo ballad and give the Nymonics touch, faster tempo and Capello intro with Doo Wop style. Great cover guys and a fabulous ending.


If I’m not wrong this track was released in the same year of 1959 from two groups, the fascinators and the roommates, the guys stick close to the Fascinators version with its quicker foot tapping tempo. Great vocals and backing from the band on this cover. Bringing it into modern times but definitely keeping the 1950s style.


Finishing this great album with this Four Pennies track. and not letting up, brilliant tempo and backing to bring this album to a close.


Great Album by the Nymonics. Bringing so classic and rarer tracks from the past to a modern-day doo-wop style. Their versions are fresh and brilliantly re-made to a great standard that even the old school will appreciate. I liked it from start to finish. Congratulations goes to the band for a great release.


Definitely. Don’t just pass it by, thinking it's just another covers album. So nice to have some new mixes to hear.

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