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Up The Riot by Red Hot Riot

Released 06/05/2022 on Western Star Records (

Reviewed 14/07/2022 by Brandon Anderson (

Forest of Dean rockabilly up-and-comers Red Hot Riot hit us with their second release Up The Riot featuring their signature brand of high octane rockabilly with a hard driving edge. The boys in Red Hot Riot have hit the scene like a tsunami in the wake of post covid isolation with a new fourth band member and a great new album for their ever-growing fan base. Fresh off of their latest tour which included their debut US appearance at none other than the legendary event Viva Las Vegas, the boys in Red Hot Riot don’t show any signs of cooling off.

Track 1 - “Bite of the Cherry” hits you in the face with clean powerful guitar licks right off the bat that are like having a fire lit under your ass. One of the first things you notice on “Bite of the Cherry”, and which continues throughout the entire record, is the amazing production work that highlights the airtight playing of the boys in Red Hot Riot. If this guitar intro is being played down by newer member Louis Barnett then all we have to say is “WOW!, we can see why you hired the guy”. Impressive!

Track 2 - “Trouble” is a great track that showcase the powerful vocals of front man Rick Delaney. Hints of a young Brian Setzer flavor this song about those fast women who love bad boys but know they are nothing but T-R-O-U-B-L-E. More fantastic guitar playing is exhibited by Louis Barnett, with Daniel West and Scott McParland laying down an unwavering backing rhythm that keeps this tune chugging along without any hesitation.

Track 3 - “The Mask” Once again we can’t send enough praise the way of guitarist Louis Barnett. His fast and clean leads dominate this rhythm heavy lightning-fast ripper of a track. We are not sure if the mask in reference is related to two faced people, those who hide behind their identity, or the worldwide “situation” we all have been enduring the last couple of years, but it applies to all three scenarios, and we dig the hell out of it. This one will definitely be burning up dance floors on Red Hot Riot’s tour route this summer!

Track 4 - “Blackbird” starts off with a rhythm heavy familiar backbeat helmed by the heavy-handed playing of bassist Scott McParland. This one slows things down a bit and relies heavily on Rick Delaney’s vocal chops showcasing a fantastic range and proves this guy really can sing! This song’s theme sides on a more serious and personal note of the self-induced solitude and introspective pondering we all exhibit, but the boys do a great job of keeping with a constant theme and sound by placing this right in the middle of their more revved up selections creating a nice sonic journey which highlights the bands musical range and catering to a wider palette. Don’t get us wrong though, this tune will still put a dance floor to work!

Track 5 - “Outcast” starts out with a reference to getting in your car and heading out into the night… OK, you have our full attention! “Outcast” is an ode to living on the edge of society and the unwilling defiance to change. A hard driving garage rock zested soundtrack sets the backdrop for what we consider the most “radio friendly” tune of the bunch and expands on the bands already impressive musical range. Perfectly broken up guitar gives this track just enough dirt to please any fan of good old fashioned guitar rock.

Track 6 - “We’re In This Together” is a crackin’ bouncy rockabilly track that talks about what everyone is thinking about, the current state of crazy in the world. We are the only ones that can make this world a better place and it can only happen if we work together and make it happen. No more petty differences separating us, no more bigotry, no more needless judgement. Just repeat and help each other! These guys figured it all out in a song, what’s your excuse?!

Up The Riot is a fantastic record that keeps you interested throughout and definitely takes you by surprise when you hear the incredibly authentic and well-polished sounds they lay down. If you like bands like The Stray Cats, The Clash, Robert Gordon then it’s a good thing these guys are young because they have a bright future ahead of themselves carrying on the torch for the next generation of rockabillies. We give Up The Riot two thumbs up and anticipate further releases from Red Hot Riot.

Red Hot Riot is a fast-emerging four-piece rockabilly outfit from Forest of Dean UK. The band combines the members backgrounds in blues, rock, rockabilly and 60s UK rock to create a sound that is refreshing but pays homage to the architects the respect; bands like The Arctic Monkeys, The Wombats, Slaves, The Amazons, Joe Jackson and many others.

Red Hot Riot are guitarist - Louis Barnett, drummer - Daniel West, bassist - Scott McParland and frontman/guitarist - Ricky Delaney

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