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Relax Trio – Payback Time Release Date: 5th November 2022 Reviewed: 8th November 2022 by Dave Diamond Linda Teränen (vocals & double bass) Oskari Nieminen (guitar & backing vocals) Eetu Ritakorpi (Drums & backing vocals) (drums on the album Vilho Voutilainen) Closed Locked Doors trumpet solo composed and played by Luukas Methuen and recorded by Mikko Korpi. Recorded by Häiriö Piirinen at the Rec Room Studios at Pori, Finland Mixed and mastered by Häiriö Piirinen Cover photos by Jonne Mokki Artwork by Anssi Jalmari Contact: Let’s have a listen to the tracks – So Bad - here we go…this track is 3 minutes 24 long…quick fab guitar riff from Oskari, then straight in with a cracking snare drum from Vilho and Linda’s slapping bass comes across nice n loud…then 10 seconds in and Linda’s raw vocal joins the party…this one’s a great rockin’ stompin track!…very catchy chorus and staggered sections that really takes a lift during the extended instrumental break…loving the chanted stop on this song accompanied with the back-up vocals….it really does have everything and we are only on the first tune from this trio! You’re Not Alone – straight in… another fast paced tune… “you gotta watch your back…you’re not alone” loving the woahs on this track….another fantastic well worked out original that moves along at a fab tempo…great powerful lead vocals once again, loving the double instrumental break, it really does take this song by the scruff of the neck and showcases this bands fantastic musicianship… pounding guitar, fab drum rolls in the first break and the bass once again hits the bullseye! One to be seen played live for sure, Get up off your seat and head straight to the front of the stage! Freakshow – “there are strangers, their all freaks” …. Starts off nice and slow…then boom we are in, staggered verse and then another stomping catchy chorus,,,really loving the way the geetar comes in and out on the verses and then goes full flowing into the chorus…I just love all these backing woahs …after a frantic solo, the tempo goes right down once again…slowly building up to a crescendo …and ending nicely with just a speaking voice and guitar that brings this number to a close.. This one’s gonna be a massive dance floor pit tune…! Don’t Stop – build up drums start this off…swiftly followed by bass, guitar and vocals….a mid tempo track “don’t stop running, run like the wind, take back my money”….this trio from Finland have really nailed a powerful high paced rockin’ vibe once again with this self-penned track….yet another very catchy chorus that’s gonna have your fingers tapping for sure! Mental Song – this number has a 17 second instrumental start with no drums but just a shuffle on the rim, before the vocals come in…nice, varied tone on Linda’s vocal for this one…and then at 35 seconds enter the snare drum. Loving the stop at 1:28 then back to this mental song…. Another memorable tune…wow… only 5 songs in and this is non-stop awesome. Voodoo – This one has a more country rockin kick ass feel to it, with a catchy guitar lick running through…it’s a very well written track with fabulous lyrics indeed. More stops to break up this quick tempo tune, I really do love the way they have really thought about middle eights and breaks in their songs to slow them down before the eruption starts once again…hot hot hot tune!! Self-Control Wanted! – A much more prominent backbeat to this number, you can really hear the slapping bass and chord guitar in the verses, before once again exploding into a great chorus with fab backing and awesome lead vocals once again… you can just feel the influence of The Living End here….fantastic! Crazy (CD/digi) – A slower paced tune from this trio, “I was always dressed in black, didn’t like the way ladies act”….tells the story of how to be crazy and wild and live fast and just don’t go with the norm…another very powerful song with a knockout punch! Take Take the Money –Very anthemic beginning to this really fast tune…wo-ah, wo-ah, wo-ah….staggered fast geetar fab bass and a rushing powerful drum shuffle…vocals growling and taken to another level once again that just showcases Linda’s range…”so take the money and run…take take the money!” The trio have pulled out all the stops on this one and are really going all guns blazing on this tune… fantastic musicianship, backing vocals, lead vocals…Wowzah!! Closed Locked Doors – penultimate track on this fantastic album, has a slow eery dark feel to this one…raspy lead vocal ….”i’m all alone, I can’t take it no more….”why can’t I open these closed locked doors”…loving the addition of a trumpet on the solo from Luukas, it really does add that extra bit of spice to this moody sinister strolling paced tune. Secret -wow!…what an awesome high octane tune from this trio…”I got a secret, gotta keep it”… this has got to be in the bands live set…it’s highly flammable and for sure 100% explosive, would love to see them live stomping through it… at just 1min 43 seconds this one will blow your socks right off!… Get your own copy (Vinyl/CD) from Jungle Records: In Their Own Words: “As an album the overall tone of Payback Time is a bit darker than its predecessors. Musically it is a step towards more heavier genres than rockabilly and themes in the lyrics are a bit gloomier than before” (Nieminen) …Relax Trio is young & energetic Neo-Rockabilly/Psychobilly band, from Finland since 2004. During these years they’ve played all over Finland and Europe in clubs and rockabilly/psychobilly festivals like Rockabilly Rave (UK), Rockin' Race (Spain), Psychobilly Meeting (Spain), Rockabilly Rumble (Czech Republic) etc. In 2019 the band made their first short US tour in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York City. We have released four full-length albums and one vinyl EP with Finnish record label Jungle Records ( and our music videos have millions of views on Youtube. “Don’t you mess with me” just reached over one million views on Youtube. Band Influences? Band favourite groups and artistes? Our favourites from the rockabilly/psychobilly scene are for example Delta Bombers, Imelda May, Horrorpops, Nekromantix, J.D. McPherson and Living End. But we like to listen many different genres and think you can hear that in our music. We’ve played in U.K. a couple of times. They’ve been unforgettable gigs at the Rockabilly Rave. Looking forward hopefully coming back to UK soon! CLOSING COMMENTS ABOUT THE ALBUM All the tracks are originals and mostly written by Oskari & Henni Katajisto with Linda writing a couple of tunes also. These 11 powerhouse high octane tracks are released on 10” L.P, and C.D and both available to buy now! Formed back in 2004, the bands range encompasses so many different styles and this album is packed with volcanic erupting hot numbers that are a lot heavier than their previous releases… For sure this is an awesome powerhouse album and if you like this style of music this is a must for your collection. I really have enjoyed listening to all the tunes and if you dig powerful stomping tunes then look no further daddios and turn it up nice and loud! YOU TUBE CLIP Reviewed by Dave Diamond

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