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To celebrate the Rhine Valley Ramblers' upcoming new album and mini UK tour, enjoy Nick Constantine's 2022 review of their One Mic Session EP!


THE ONE MIC SESSION. Reviewed 15th April 2022 Listen here:

ABOUT THE BAND In their own words -

The Rhine Valley Ramblers is a 3- or 4-piece traditional rockabilly band from the Austrian Rhine Valley. The members are Didi (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Fabio - aka Toby (Stand Up Bass), Julian (Lead Guitar) and Bruno (Drums). This fantastic band from the westmost state of Austria plays mostly their own compositions and is known for their clean and melodic sound. The Rhine Valley Ramblers formed in the fall of 2019 and have made appearances locally and regionally at several clubs and venues. They have been privileged to play at international weekenders as well.

We all got together through a club we are all part of (Rockabilly Centre) Besides the Guitar Player, none of us had ever played an instrument before. Still, we started the journey. All the songs on the Album are written and composed by Dieter (Didi). It is also available digitally on various platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

A three- or four-piece rock'n'roll / rockabilly band that will do almost anything for money!

Didi: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals Fabio: Bass Jules: Lead Guitar (optional) Bruno or Pascal: Drums

This EP consists of 6 tracks and the band have sent us an exclusive, pre-release copy to listen to and review! The point of difference with this EP and their preceding album is the way that they’ve both been recorded. The CD album was recorded with each instrument having its own microphone, whereas this EP was recorded with just the ONE MIC (hence the name of the EP!) in the centre of the band. You really can hear the difference! The EP definitely sounds rawer and more authentic, as if they had recorded it in an early 50’s studio.

Let’s have a listen! I AM LEAVING A gorgeously slow and subtle track, with understated guitar and bass in the vein of an early Sun records Elvis track such as Blue Moon or Tomorrow Night. Classy, simple and cool. I AM NERVOUS An old-fashioned rockabilly type number that rattles along with a Johnny Cash style backing. MY LIFE IS GOOD Getting a bit more upbeat now, this is a fab jiver which could also become a singalong one at all of their gigs. I can imagine a full dancefloor for this one. Happy and jolly! NACHHAUSE The only track that isn’t sung in English, I believe it must be their native Austrian, I think it translates to ‘Home’. It’s a lively and upbeat track that feels like the roots of rockabilly are a big influence again, maybe referring to the home of rockabilly! ON A DAY LIKE THIS Combining a bluesy and skiffley sound, this is a summery, clap along song. Positive and smiley – On a day like this when nothing can go wrong! WITH ALL MY MIGHT This is the most rockin’ track on the EP, quite bluesy too! Could be fast stroller for the ladies, or a bopper for the chaps, all depends who gets on the dance floor first!

I thoroughly recommend having a bloody good listen to everything that these chaps have produced. They are different. They are similar in a way to Johnny Cash, they don’t sound like him, but the simplistic, but effective style with the storytelling and matter-of-factness is addictive. They draw you in and you’re mesmerised and can’t wait to hear the next track! Didi tells me that there may be a slight change of line up within the band, but the style and sound of the music will carry on exactly the same. Go on...NOW!... go listen!

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