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Die & Listen by Rockin’ Jackals

Released 21/12/2021 on Ragtime Records

Recorded at Jarhead Studios

Album art by Woody Trojak

Reviewed 03/04/2022 by Brandon Anderson (

The Rockin’ Jackals feature the talents of Daniela Snirchova - lead vocals, Filip Snirch - lead guitar/vocals, Tomas Marek - double bass/backing vocals, and Ales Bazo - drums.

Czech rockers Rockin’ Jackals give us their latest album Die & Listen. The album arrives just in time for spring and features six solid original tracks of rockabilly bordering on a full-blown psychobilly freakout! Die & Listen was recorded and mastered at Jarhead Studios and is currently available on CD from Ragtime Records.

“Jackelyn” starts with some clean guitar tones of heavily slapped bass rhythms. You instantly recognize a great similarity between the vocals of Rockin’ Jackals front-woman Daniela Snirchova and hard rock/pop punk legends like Pat Benatar and Joan Jett. The Jackals do a great job of providing a powerful rhythm backing, creating the perfect backdrop for Snirchova’s aggressive vocal style.

“Moral Zombie” is a track for those who like the darker side of things Moral corruption, disillusion and brain eating are the order of the day (or night) on this one. The boys in The Rockin’ Jackals do another stand-up job of providing the perfect angst filled sounsdscape for Snirchova’s relentless vocal assault.

“Tonight’s the Night” keeps up with the dark theme building on Die & Listen and features in your face slap bass courtesy of Tomas Marek. “Tonight’s the Night” is highlighted by a scarily fantastic vocal duet from Daniel Snirchova and Filip Snirch that instantly makes us think of stalwarts Hillbilly Moon Explosion when Sparky from Demented Are Go joins Emanuela Hutter.

“The Thief of Time” is a more traditional sounding rockabilly track but it definitely possesses that more polished and produced modern rock aesthetic that differentiates it from the sea of people trying to endlessly recreate the sounds of Memphis in 1955. This one also shows off a little bit more of lead singer Daniela Snirchova’s range as a singer in the form of a short and sweet radio-friendly song.

“Release” is a great song that is a full on dance floor assault. Rhythm is king on this one, with a huge thumping bassline that comes crashing through like a battering ram and pairing perfectly with Flip Snirch’s in your face guitar riffs. We have definitely been jamming this one, hats off to Ms. Snirchova and the boys!

“Psycho” sounds just like you’d expect. Booming drums, fast distorted guitar, and bass slapping like crazy! Round all of these elements up with Daniela Snirchova’s powerful vocals and you get the perfect hard rocking finale for Die & Listen. Great track and great album!

If you love the darker, wild, and fast, then Die & Listen is the perfect soundtrack. A female vocalist is a welcomed and nice change of pace from the typical black denim vests and hair piled to the sky influence of most modern psychobilly vocalists. The Rockin’ Jackals definitely have our attention.

The Rockin’ Jackals are leading the way in the Krnov psychobilly pack. Coming together at the end of summer 2014, they have helped fill in the genre gap existing in places like North Moravia and Silesia. After a short while a major change took place within the jackals organization, and in October 2016 the original bass guitar was replaced by double bass, finally morphing the Rockin’ Jackals sound to that of a full on rockabilly/psychobilly outfit! In 2021 the band saw the release of their debut album Die & Listen.

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