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Loose Lips-Sandy and The Wombats

Released 2022 by Tessy Records

Recorded, mixed & co-produced by 2021

Reviewed by Terry Mead 05 /02/22

Sandy and the Wombats from Essen, Germany have just pressed their new vinyl album” Loose Lips” featuring many songs that they have covered live over the years but never recorded. They describe their selves as Female rough and dirty Rockabilly, hot and wild !!

The band:

Sandy Wild - vocals

Mark Twang - guitar

Grischa - double bass

Chris Slazy - drums


The vinyl consists of six tracks on each side here they are Track by track:

Hey good looking- The classic Hank Williams song done in an upbeat style great to dance to and a sure winner at any live performance.

Kill my Baby-Cover of the late Nick Currans song a tribute in its self, Sandys powerful voice and some superb guitar riffs make this track a great knee jerker to listen to.

Loose lips-Originally released and recorded by Percy Mayfield in 1953 Sandys rendition of his song along with her daunting voice and laid-back guitar riffs make it a pleasant airing.

Let's have a party-Written by Jesse May Robinson and released in 1957 sung by both Elvis and Wanda Jackson this version makes a great sing along and top notch jiver.

Lonesome Train- Johnny Burnette’s classic bopper done at the same tremendous pace not for the faint hearted.

My boy Elvis -More punchy than Janis Martins original version but has all the ingredient’s of this classic number

Shout – Lulu’s powerful 1960s hit , done in an original style Sandy has got her voice off to a tee and the arrangement of the song makes it a powerful cover.

Wicked game- From the film “ Wild at Heart” sung by Chris Isaak, this is a lovely song in itself and has been professionally put together here, Sandys voice portrait’s the original style.

Justine-The Righteous brothers hit from 1965, certainly has a kick to it sung at a wild pace but then the original was no sleaze.

Fujiwara mama- Another Wanda Jackson track done in true style Sandy hits em high notes on cue always loved this track good to hear a new version.

Great balls of fire-Raunchy style arrangement to Jerry Lees classic hit, adapted guitar riffs replace the piano and the haunting grating voice of Sandy carries through the vocals.

Please Mama Please- This track is always a popular jiver done here in true Go Cat Go style right from the off.

To summarise this album would be welcome at any Rocking party great mixture of covers from different eras and backgrounds. The band have gone back to their roots, much in the spirit of their first album. The tracks have a kick ass European drive that is re-nouned on the rocking scene over there but at the same time put together in a unique way.

It’s one that makes you want to hit the dance floor!

Track List


1.Hey good looking

2.Kill my Baby

3.Loose lips

4.Let's have a party

5.Lonesome Train

6.My boy Elvis



2.Wicked game


4.Fujiwara mama

5.Great balls of fire

6.Please Mama Please

Band Biography

Founded in 2015, a crisp album has already been produced on CD, a 12-inch vinyl and contributions to various samplers. Including her hit "Wild One - Real Wild Child".

Soon more albums were on the shelves. Mainly equipped with great self penned compositions.

2017 - Devoted to Rock`n`Roll

2018 - Wanderlust

With the success of the first album, there followed appearances across Europe and in the great Scandinavian area, right up to the USA at the “Viva Las Vegas Rock'n'Roll Weekender”, the largest and most important festival of its kind.

In addition to Spain, France, UK, USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, concerts in Germany are of course always on the agenda, because home is always nice!

Some things are new, there are numerous songs from their own pen, because when someone goes on a trip they can tell something, but a lot has stayed with the good old.

There's rock'n'roll, rockabilly, rockin 'blues, rockin' country. Yes, maybe a bit harder, but with even more feeling!

Sandy and her boys haven't reinvented the wheel, but they'll show you how it rolls!

The goal is to have fun on and in front of the stage! Let's have a wild night with "Sandy and the Wild Wombats" !!

"They are devoted to Rock´n´Roll"

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