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Shook Boys -The Album

The independently released "Shook Boys" album is on all streaming platforms as of November 1st, 2023. Reviewed by: Terry Mead 04/11/2023.

Shook Boys are a manic rockabilly band hailing from Toronto, Canada. The band draws inspiration from the 1950s rock and roll era, infusing their music with a modern sound that pushes the boundaries of rockabilly while staying true to its roots.

The band consists of: Murry Robe-lead vocals. Big Mark on guitar Mack Black on bass. Rockin Paddy on drums. The album also features Jesse Whiteley on piano.

The self-titled album, “Shook Boys” is a reflection of the boys’ lifestyle. A soundtrack to juvenile delinquency and reckless living. Inspired by the no-holds-barred�ethos of the 1950s rock’n’roll era, the band stays true to the roots of rockabilly while fearlessly pushing its boundaries with sounds of garage, doo wop and rhythm & blues.

All 7 tracks on the album were part a Ganaraska Recording Co. session with Jimmy Bowskill mixing the board and produced by Ian Robertson and the Shook Boys.

So, let’s review track by track : Can’t Control – Kicking off with this cool bopping beat tune, written by lead singer Murry Robe that has the lyrics to match and some neat guitar licks, great choice for an opening track.

Blue Eye And Black Hair – Another upbeat tune with such an authentic Rockabilly sound and beat. It’s a kind of fast paced Glen Glen style song that bounces around your head. Co-written by Rockin Paddy & Murry Robe.

Dead By 22 - Written by Guitar playing Big Mark this track features a Danelectro Bass VI which produces the haunting twang to this number referred to by the boys as “getting low enough for a sewer rats sock hop”. Has a stroller type beat to it so could be one for the DJ’S to use, never less an easy listening laid back tune with a characteristic hype to it.

Tell On You - Written by lead singer Murry Robe tells the story of spreading tales the scenario typical of a 1950s tune which The Shook Boys have captured here. A mellow Rockabilly tune with some nice riffs which would fit right back in a jukebox back from the era.

Love Bandit Jones - From the neat guitar intro finishing off with the bass we follow into a quick timed sing-along song which so much energy only 1.39 minutes long, but every second is quality, another gem from Murry Robe.

Miss Anne – One for you dancers but take heed grab your partner and get on the floor quick because this tune will fill the floor. It’s an awesome jiver with Jessie Whiteley featuring on piano on this track. Again as is ‘Oh Anne’ both written by Murry Robe.

Oh Anne- The start has traits of “Come Go With Me” as does the backing vocals but worded and done in a different style . Anne is the featured centre of the lyrics again being asked to come back in fact begging her to. More of a laid-back number to end with which drifts away into the abyss.

To summarise: The more I hear them boys the more I like them, reviewed their single earlier in the year Tell On You/Dead By 22 which also features on this album so have been looking forward to hearing the album and it was certainly worth waiting for all in seven self-penned quality songs to get your teeth round.

YouTube Full Album link:

About The Shook Boys ( from their own pages) 2019 the band had music release don a Wild Records compilation album. 2022 playing across venues and festivals across Ontario, Quebec and Massachusetts. 2023 Shook Boys continued to play shows across Canada as they also released their first 45 record, played Viva Las Vegas (the largest rockabilly weekender), and Viva Jamaica in August. As of November 2023, their first 7 track album is on all streaming platforms. Their first 45 release got the band play on many radio stations and publicity in roots / indie music magazines. 2024 plans include playing Rockin Race Jamboree in Spain and plans to travel across Europe.

The bands' explosive live shows have won them a cult following on social media which has taken them on a musical journey across Canada, the United States, and even Jamaica.

With their dedication to preserving rockabilly's roots while propelling it into the future, Shook Boys are poised for a promising trajectory in the music industry. The band’s fanbase continues to swell like a collective of like-minded misfits. Shook Boys are undoubtedly a band to watch in the years to come.

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