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Released: 18th Feb 2022.

Reviewed: 19th March 2022 by Dave Diamond.


Colin Jones– Lead vocal and slap bass.

Miranda Jones - stand up drum and backing vocals.

Ollie Hickson – Lead guitar and backing vocals.

Lewis Jones – Rhythm guitar and Piano.

Produced and Mixed by: Lewis Jones and Shortstack ‘N’ Sides

Mastered by – Lewis Jones

Front cover artwork by: Del Littlejohn

Original tracks written and performed by: Colin Jones and Ollie Hickson

In their own words –

We have tried to make our own sound as we have a wide range of influences that include everything from jazz to blues, country, swing, rock & roll, rockabilly, neo, psychobilly and anything with a rockin’ beat!



The band were formed back in October 2017 and have played many local gigs and are hoping to branch out this year following this release on Always A Hit Records ran by Del Littlejohn. So this is a mix of the bands 1st and 2nd E.P’s (that you can get via the bands Facebook page or Bandcamp page) with a couple of new covers from their brand new C.D. songs Stray Cat Strut and Broken Heart. It’s really fantastic to hear self penned tunes amongst covers that showcase this 12 track non-stop rockin’ C.D.

Let’s have a listen to the tracks –

Broken Heart – always loved this track, a great opener to hear straight off. Really love the way the guitar comes in and goes out and nice touch with backing harmony vocals and oohhs… top notch nailed guitar solo, rhythm guitar, chugging drums and really great vocals on this number… Roll on the next track!

Hey Little Diddle – this cover tune kicks off with a catchy guitar lick from Ollie, Miranda providing a single shot snare beat, then bass and lead vocals from Colin, for sure this is a very melodic and catchy tune….tapping my foot right from the opening lick, nice middle eight section, and 2 solo’s too!….again more ooh’s behind the lead vocal….I really like this tune a lot and now my foot hurts!!

Hobo Blues – original nice instrumental break to start this number off, this one’s got a great up tempo strolling beat and moves along at a nice pace, more fab backing vocals to match the great lead vocal. Another very hip clicking number that keeps going round your head after hearing it…

Hotdog – taken this track back to an earlier 50’s sound and made it more bouncy and with added piano from Lewis I would say it would be played as a jiver at most clubs in the U.K. it has a great laid back feel and the band have made it their own sound.

Love At First Sight – this one has a great Sun Records vibe and could be straight outta Memphis… lead vocals are fantastic and really shows the vocal range that Colin has, and once again fab lead guitar from Ollie, the bass is more prominent on this number too with the drums from Miranda just sitting in the mix nicely. It’s a great easy listening, and as the story goes…Colin says this was inspired when he first met Miranda…”you know that love at first site can be true!”

Planet Bop – First song ever written by Colin…Great lyrics on this number, and I’m really digging it, like a rocket I’m being taken to Planet Bop! Gotta see this number played live as it really is fantastic and another great chorus with ahhhhh’s in the background… as Colin says…”would you, like to visit the stars, Venus, maybe mercury or mars!” At 3 minutes 24 I’ll be back as I’ve just gotta play it again for the third time daddio’s!

Queen Of Hearts – Another great track from this top band, this one has an early 80’s sound to it, a real head shaker, they sure have their own sound but this has a Buzz & The Flyers feel to it…Love the stops on this tune…nice tempo breakdown on the solo then back in we go…but this Queen of Hearts of Misery won’t be coming back!

Shadow & Me – written by Colin and Lewis that is influenced by Colin’s dad Dave who always dreamed of owning a Vincent Black Shadow! This starts off with a motorbike sample, another great track showcasing the bands great musicianship, as Colin says…”from the ace café to the land of the free”, another catchy number with great lyrics, could imagine this being in a Guy Ritchie or Quentin Tarantino film!

So Lonesome – Another great sounding opening film track, this one has a great cowboy feel to it, nice backing vocals featured in this number, another fantastic rhythmic tune, this is a sure fire hit, you are gonna love it, a fantastic self penned great song.

Stray Cat Strut – nice echo feel to this cover of The Stray Cats track, slightly quicker than the original and very good cover indeed, and those oohhhs are back in town once again….don’t cross my path!

Werewolf Blues – medium paced jumping track, very well mixed indeed, great drumming from Miranda, another original track from this top band. Colin, Miranda, Ollie, Lewis and for sure after listening to this tune I’ve got the Werewolf Blues and there’s no cure!

Western Rose – great chicky picky geetar to open this number up…yee haw! This one has a nice shuffle beat and with a cowboy hat on your head you’re ready to ride straight into the sunset with your Western Rose.


Colin tells me that only last year (2021) the band sent in their original track Werewolf Blues into Rockabilly Rumble which is a worldwide competition for original tunes, that was judged by Slim Jim Phantom, James Burton just to name a couple and the song came in third place!

So Shortstack ‘N’ Sides really do have a fabulous sound of their own and I have really enjoyed listening to these 12 fantastic tunes. There is such a great mixture of 8 self penned tunes from strolling pace to jiving and some really fantastic listening numbers to so there’s something for everyone and then you have the 4 covers that have been done in the bands on style. If you haven’t got it already, be sure to order it from either the band or label links above and grab yourself a copy fast!


Reviewed by: Dave Diamond


Broken Heart

Hey Little Diddle

Hobo Blues


Love At First Sight

Planet Bop

Queen Of Hearts

Shadow & Me

So Lonesome

Stray Cat Strut

Werewolf Blues

Western Rose

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