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STRANGER DANGER by The Surf Junkies

Released on 15th August 2023 on Double Crown Records. Digital album only, includes unlimited streaming on the free bandcamp app, also available on spotify, youtube, apple music etc.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Max Gonzo.

The Surf Junkies hail from Washington, DC, and their sound is akin to The Ventures and Dick Dale meeting Aquaman!! This 6-song album has 4 original tunes and 2 covers : an instrumental version of Bananaramas “Cruel Summer” and a surfed up cover of the intro theme to the hit TV series The Office.

Band members : Max Gonzo – guitar

                               Larry Atom – guitar

                               Nick Fuego – bass

                               Traps Lawson – drums.

Track by Track :

Stranger Danger – the album title track has infectious surf melodies layered over a hard driving surf beat guaranteed to get you moving.

Cruel Summer – cover of the hit Bananarama song, a faithful but fresh rendition notable for the twin guitar interplay of Max and Larry.

Dirty Mac – pumping bass line outstanding here, melodic and in your face surf boogey at the same time.

Los Larrys – has the vibe of a 60’s spy thriller set in a dark, foreign nightclub.

Boom – smart, sassy and snappy with a nod to The Ventures and the way-cool early instro era.

The Office (theme) - hip shakin variation of the hit tv series, this version should really be the original version, sounds a bit like Take on Me (a-ha), has a ska type of rhythm guitar.

In summary, The Surf Junkies hit it out of the park with Stranger Danger. The inter-play of both guitars and tight rhythm section and excellent production is the classic surf rock combination. Plenty of variety here as well, perfect for your next surf-themed party. A must get album!! Don’t Delay!!

Review by Jamie Balcombe (Dodge City Social Club).

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