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Sugar Mamas Revenge - Poison Never Tasted That Sweet

Part Records

November, 2023

Annie and Bina bring the heat on this release by Sugar Mama’s Revenge! No filler, all killer from these gals. If you’re ready for a smokin’ disc filled with swagger, these ladies bring a welcome change of pace.

Produced and engineered by Rawand Baziany in Germany, every flick and pop of the fiery tracks comes through. As listed on the sleeve, the band is: Lucky Steve- Guitars, Brandon Ashington- Doghouse Bass, Rockin’ Bende- Drums, and producer Baziany on Philicorda organ and precision bass.

Vocalists Sugar Mama Bica and Sugar Mama Annie are the sparks that light this hot album; whether they are rockin’ an up-tempo cover of “Don’t Pass Me By” by Ringo Starr or taking on swinging tracks by Jimmy Reed, Gene Pitney, or James and Shirley Lee, these women more than live up to the task.

As for the sleeve, you get just what you’d expect from packaging like this; “Poison Never Tasted That Sweet” brings a tough sound in a pretty package. Photos and fonts are on-point and the Americana-style tattoo art on the back are clear indicators that the band knows their demographic.

The disc kicks off with the track, “You Did Me Wrong”. The song has a foot firmly in early rock, but with a little taste of bourbon in the form of a country guitar swing. It’s the perfect warm up track and a good introduction to what Lucky Steve has in store for us.

Further in, the band slows down on “Mama Don’t Like My Man”; clear, simple, showcasing the heartfelt vocals of Bica and Annie. Tight harmony, emotion, and a western vibe that wraps its arms around you and rocks.

I’d love to see the band perform “There’s a Light” or “Keep on Rockin’” live. Undoubtedly dancefloor fillers, these numbers have sass and swing that couples will love dancing to. The rhythm section struts through these tracks with a perfect, steady rockabilly beat.

The rest of the record, with “The Boss’ Daughter”, “I Idolize You”, “Bow-Legged Daddy” among my favourites, is a strong collection of rock n roll numbers with a vintage touch added. Perfect for parties, for good times...and it begs to be played at top volume.

It’s not often that a combo can keep classic rock sensibilities but be fresh, fun, and original. All too frequently, I hear over-produced discs with treated vocals and multiple effects tracks- you can’t make up for a lack of skill with a ton of technology.

This album from Sugar Mama’s Revenge has a traditional bent but stays urgent and crisp; foot-stompin’ fun that is sure to please the purest of fans with their take on a classic sound.

Kitty Kalriess

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