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Released 31st May 2022 via Kloppstock Records Reviewed by Kate, 6th February 2023 Available to buy here:

Surfistas No Muertos are: Señor Carlos-drums Señor Kloppstock- bass, guitars and vocals.

With thanks to Takashi Koyama of Dirty Trash F**k 'N Show Records

Imagine, for a second, The Cramps went on a cruise around the Caribbean with Demented Are Go. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, a storm caused the ship to sink and both bands found themselves washed up on a deserted island. Before resorting to Lord of the Flies-style antics, they built a rudimentary recording studio and recorded an EP. The resulting release would be this record.

It’s the Hagen, Germany based duo’s fourth outing. Promising ‘Ultra primitive Terror Tales from the Crypt! Monsters! Mutants! Voodoo! Satan! Garlic Pizza!’, all of which are some of my favourite things, we’re in for an echoing, raw, dark surf, post punk slow motion riot. The physical 7” release is limited to a hundred copies, so get it while it’s hot off the presses (or rather, cold like the dark heart of the ocean)…

Diggin’ Up The Mud For You - Grungey acoustic guitar gives into deep, dark echoing screams on this opening number…but somehow it’s still surfy under the untamed shout of ‘time to die!’. A mysterious and enigmatic garage adventure.

Wolfman, Baby - Starting a wolf song with a howl is a cliche but it works. It’s amazing to think about the volume of sound and excitement that’s built up by only two guys. They drop it down and pick it back up from an ocean trench via a rope of a compellingly simple guitar line.

A Trip To My Insane Brain - The intro reminds me of the Kinks covered by 69Demented, and the relish on ‘yeah!’ is wonderful. Following this with maniacal laughter is spooky, lurid fun, and the garage vibes on the rhythm section keep the song from getting too silly.

Crypt Surf Cult - my favourite song on this EP due to the dark, gong-like charm of Señor Kloppstock’s guitar and the tempo change halfway though. Instrumentals can be a risky choice, but in the dark surf area it’s a great option given how cinematic the whole vibe is.

This is not the sort of EP you hear every day within the areas of psychobilly or surf, and it’s one that will stay with you a very long time. Dreamlike, strange and totally thrilling, Surfistas No Muertos are doing something terrific and deserve your attention.

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