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Release on 18/2/2023 on Crazy Time Records CD CTR124 ( P.2023 ) Reviewed on 28/1/2023 Reviewed by Holger E. @radioteddyboys1983

The Band is formed by T.Becker on Rhythm Guitar and Vocals and backed up by Mr Did on Lead Guitar and Mr Axel on Slap-Bass.

They started of in 2020 during the bad times and just teased people on Facebook with some of their music and it sounded different than most bands that played Rock’n’Roll during that time. So strap yourself in, this is one for the books and your collection. The Trio is from the beautiful Country of France. where this Album was recorded at Electrophonic Recording Studio by Hervé Bessenay. The Band kept it the way they recorded the first Album. One Microphone, no Computer or other fancy recording Equipment. All Tracks were taken the good old way. Play and record all on one mic standing in the room. Influences from Elvis, Gene and Eddie to name a few. So it is Modern Rockabilly with the old sound or Old Rockabilly with a modern twist. You have to decide for yourself.

Track by Track

1.: Gone She’s Gone: Are you missing her? The modern twist of a love story. Subtle Rhythm Guitar sounding just the way you feel after she left. Mr Did is finger picking great and just slights in once in a while with a solo. Mr Axel keeps it all steady with his Slap-Bass but makes sure that life goes on even without her. 2.: I Wanna Bop: Slightly faster and up-tempo from the Rhythm Guitar to get the Slap-Bass into a nice and steady pace that he breaks up with some cool slapping. The Lead Guitar is taking over the backing of the song and steps to the front with some awesome riffs. 3.: Baby Look At Me: T-Becker Trio meets Country & Western. This is one love song i can get use to. Just slowing down to the right tempo to push the Lead-Guitar in to the perfect position to bounce off the Rhythm Guitar. Nice low down fingerpicking by the Slap-Bass. 4.: Bop Bop Bop: Let’s step it up. Cool growling Guitar to start of the track. The perfect Saturday night. The Rhythm Guitar is as steady as a snipers hand. This gives the Slap-Bass the opportunity to show off what it really can do. The slapping is just awesome. Let’s not forget the Lead Guitar which is staying just ever so slightly in the background with fingerpicking precision and appears with a cool solo. 5.: Cloud 9: This sounds like the perfect Dream? This track has so much force and power and still has a dark streak through it. Just turn up the Volume to 11 and enjoy. It will bring you to Cloud 9. 6.: Tell Me: A mix of Billy Lee Riley and Sunny Burgess can easily describe the tempo and the style of this song. Not one Instrument is in the background playing, all are level and “Oh Boy” it will rock your socks off. Unbelievable accuracy by the Rhythm Guitar just to hold the Lead Guitar in check which is out of this world. Let loose Mr Axel on his Slap-Bass and a storm is created to blow you away. 7.: You Can’t Deny: Here we step back into the Sun-Records era. Fingerpicking Lead Guitar to lead the way. The vocals are a perfect match to the Rhythm Guitar to underpin the love/sad song. Who needs a Drummer if you have a Slap-Bass like this. 8.: Little Queen: Solid Rhythm Guitar leading the way for the Slap-Bass to dance up and down the Fretboard effortless, just to drive this track forward. The Lead Guitar is filling out the rest of the track and peaks out with a solo or two. 9.: Luckiest Guy Today: Down-temp track with the twist of Country & Western. This could be easily a Hymn to your Partner in Life that sticks to you whatever happens. Lovely Lead Guitar that is using some reverb. The Slap-Bass is taking it easy but still puts some nice slapping in to fill out some breaks. The Rhythm Guitar just sits right there to dictate the tempo and must feel like The Luckiest Guy. 10.: Me & My Baby: The way this is played is out of this world. Dark, sinister, fun, loving, aggressive. You would not believe that this is the same T-Becker Trio. This is like a Tornado ripping through your house. Hard and aggressive Rhythm Guitar backed up by a Hard and heavy played Slap-Bass and to fill out the rest of open space the Lead Guitar injects some dark and sinister riffs and solos. 11.: Do The Boogie: Fun, happy, bopping song. This Boogie gets you on the dance-floor easy enough. Slap-Bass played like the Drums and reverb happy Lead Guitar that both boost the smiling vocals and strumming Rhythm Guitar. 12.: I’m Not Going Down: A touch of Johnny and Sunny from the good old times at Sun-Records. Here comes the fingerpicking Lead Guitar and it’s awesome solos. The Rhythm Guitar is like a solid running V8 to push this track forward nice and steady. Steam Train like Slap-Bass that can’t be stopped. 13.: Why Does She Never Look At Me: The Energy is infectiousness. Fast-tempo that goes straight to your feet. This is one Track to show the Listener what T-Becker Trio is all about just in case you missed it on the last 12 tracks. Love you Guys.

Summary: Getting a chance to review this Album before Launch is and was an honour. And to no surprise these three Amigos knocked it more than out of the park. Gone is the fear of not been liked or not good enough, just because T-Becker Trio started during Lockdown and done everything over the internet. Low down Slap-Bass from Mr Axel to sit in your ear all day long and a Lead Guitar that Mr Did is controlling to perfection to give you the best back drop around and presenting T-Becker and his wild Rhythm Guitar. This CD is just unbef.........lievable. This Trio is not showing love for their Hero’s, it’s more like praying to the God’s. Just speaking for myself here: I love it.

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