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The Best Is Yet To Come by T-Becker Trio

Released on 18/2/2022 on Crazy Time Records CD CTR-CD-124 ( P.2022 )

Reviewed on 16/2/2022

Reviewed by Holger E. @radioteddyboys1983

The Band is formed by T.Becker on Rhythm Guitar and Vocals and backed up by Mr Did on Lead Guitar and Mr Axel on Slap-Bass.

They started of in 2020 during the bad times and just teased people on Facebook with some of their music and it sounded different than most bands that played Rock’n’Roll during that time.

So strap yourself in, this is one for the books or collection. You would never guess that this Trio comes out of France. To me the sound comes straight out of Sun Records. Influences from Elvis, Gene and Eddie to name a few. So it is Modern Rockabilly with the old sound or Old Rockabilly with a modern twist. You have to decide yourself.

Track by Track

1.: I’ll Do It My Way: I’ll Do It My Way is entering the front door of Sun Records only to get a blast from a slapping Bass in conjunction with a wild Rhythm Guitar and a finger lickin’ Lead Guitar. Sonny Burgees would be quite jealous just listening to this track.

2.: Close To Me: Slightly slower tempo from the Rhythm Guitar to get the Slap-Bass into a nice and steady pace. The Lead Guitar is taking over the backing of the song and steps to the front with some awesome riffs.

3.: The Biggest Mistake I’ve Made: There is no mistake of turning up the volume on your amplifier while this track is playing. Happy slapping Bass from Mr Axel with a steadiness of a Swiss watch. T-Becker is bringing his A game to his Rhythm Guitar to push Mr Did and his Lead Guitar to the next level.

4.: Do You Remember: Slow harmonic love song that brings out the different side of the T-Becker Trio.

The vocals are full of melody to interlaces with the beautifully picked Lead Guitar. Rhythm Guitar and Slap-Bass give the perfect backdrop to fully paint the picture. Best love song in a long long time.

5.: Can’t Love You Anymore: Just the right injection of Hillbilly/Country. Rhythm Guitar that leans a bit on Johnny Cash. The Slap-Bass is leading on the Lead Guitar to push an earworm like sound in to your head.

6.: Why: Up-beat hip shaking Rockabilly that cements in the roots The T-Becker Trio has with the past. Beautiful Acoustic Guitar that sets the perfect Rhythm for the Slap-Bass. The Lead Guitar is keeping it in the 50’s with it’s picking and riffs.

7.: Ain’t Got No Money: This is one that really makes you believe that T-Becker Trio re-living the 50’s. Steam train like Slap-Bass to push the Lead Guitar just enough to hear it but not overpowering the rest. The Rhythm Guitar lays out a way for harmonic vocals and backing vocals.

8.: I Was Wrong: Can you hear the hint of young Elvis? Listen closely and it will come to you. Mr Did is an absolute expert on his reverb happy Guitar. Mr Axel is so confident on his Slap-Bass that he easily replacing the Drums which are none existent in The T-Becker Trio. Soft strumming from the Rhythm Guitar brings out the perfect pitch of the vocals of T-Becker.

9.: Rockabilly Is A State Of Mind: This boppin’ track has a thundering Slap-Bass to drive on the rhythm coming from the Acoustic Guitar and to really make the whole track pop the Lead Guitar is playing a mix of Johnny Cash and Johnny Burnette. And that my Rockabilly friends is how you do it.

10.: Santa Mondega: Here T-Becker takes a bit of an influence from Mexico and Country/Western music. Slow beat with soft slapping Bass. Lots of work from the Rhythm Guitar to clear the path for a mellow Lead Guitar that fits right in to a Spaghetti Western.

11.: Boogie Beat: Keeping it slow-beat with this Boogie Beat. Easy going Guitar from Mr Did to cool everyone off and crystal clear Slap-Bass handling from Mr Axel. T-Becker himself keeps it simple on his Rhythm Guitar only to put all his focus on the vocals. Is that the end?

12.: Can’t Get You Out Of My Head: Oh no this is just the beginning. For the finale The T-Becker Trio is moving to the next level. Faster and louder that is. Cracking vocals with a speedy Rhythm Guitar and some awesome riffs from the Lead Guitar and a hammering Slap-Bass.

Summary: Low down Slap-Bass from Mr Alex to sit in your ear all day long and a Lead Guitar that Mr Did is controlling to perfection to give you the best back drop around and presenting T-Becker and his wild Rhythm Guitar. This CD is just unbef.........lievable. Make holidays in France to see them. It’s worth every penny/euro. This Trio is not showing love for their Hero’s, it’s more like praying to the God’s. Give these Guy’s a chance and you will not be disappoint. Just speaking for myself here: I love it.

Track listing:

1.: I’ll Do It My Way

2.: Close To Me

3.: The Biggest Mistake I’ve Made

4.: Do You Remember

5.: Can’t Love You Anymore

6.: Why

7.: Ain’t Got No Money

8.: I Was Wrong

9.: Rockabilly Is A State Of Mind

10.: Santa Mondega

11.: Boogie Beat

12.: Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

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