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Take Me Back In Time by Jackson Sloan

Take Me Back In Time by Jackson Sloan 

This was released in 2023 on Shellac Records and is available from and the usual streaming services.

Reviewed February 2024 by Jailhouse John Alexander

The album was recorded live over three days in France at Jump Start Studios , which is owned and operated by Drew Davies in the Basement of his house. Drew Davies is an English Saxophone player, guitarist, arranger, songwriter and leader of Drew Davies Rhythm Combo who support Jackson on this album. All songs are originals written by Jackson.


Track by track

1 False Alarm – A good jiver to open the album. Sax and piano are the main instruments with bas and drums providing a solid rhythm. Jackson’s vocal performance has a nice swing to it.

2 B.O.O.G.I.E That's All – This track moves at a good pace and has a definite Louis Jordan feel to it. Really good piano work. A fine example of classic boogie woogie.

3 Last Act Of Love – This is more of a stroller with an interesting guitar sound and honking sax.

4 Hold On to That Dream – This track has a nice swing feel to it, the drummer uses brushes to keep the beat going and the piano break is a bit jazzy and fits in well with sax.

5 Hey Mr Wheel Of Fortune – Another good up-tempo rocker to get the jivers going. Great guitar work. Jackson’s voice really suits this type of music.

6 Lonely Table For One – Slowing things down a bit and another track with a bluesy, jazzy edge to it. The piano and double bass shine through. A song that evokes the image of the sad guy sitting in smoke filled bar all by himself.

7 People Talk – Fats Domino and Smiley Lewis come to mind with this track that has a New Orleans R&B feel. More good piano work and a fine sax break.

8 Rock Paper Scissors – A slight Latin feel to this song provided by the addition of an electronic organ to the instruments used. Mix that with a touch of a ska and you get a vey nice tune like this one.

9 Take Me Back – Background noise gives a party vibe to this track that rocks! Let the good times roll! My favourite track on the album

10 Neon Angel – A definite classic R&B mid paced stroller. The sax is main instrument and it sounds so smooth.

11 Life Jacket – An edgier sound to the sax on this track with more great piano work. A solid R&B rocker that is a tad jazzy in parts.

12 Damage Is Done – Back to the blues for this song of heartbreak after the breakup of a relationship. The electronic organ features again.

13 Hang On In There – Another New Orleans R&B styled track with a wailing sax, a solid beat and a fine guitar break. A good stroller.

14 There's No Good In Goodbye – R&B with a jazzy edge and something about this track reminds me of the Hucklebuck.


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