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Broken Arrow by Tex Railer’s Doomtown

Released on CD in 2016, Vinyl Release February 2022 BBLP007

Reviewed on 19/06/2022

Reviewed by Holger E. @radioteddyboys1983

Tex Railer’s Doomtown is a small Band from Albany, New York. The Band is happily playing a mix of Psychobilly, Country, Surf and so called Cow Punk. Welcome to the herd.

I introduce you to: Sean Secor - Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin, Buckley – Drums, Tim V – Slap-Bass, Kevin Maul – Pedal Steel

Album was mixed and mastered by Richard Marr

Welcome to the crazy world of Tex Railer’s Doomtown(i wonder if Albany is anything like Doomtown). This is a stripped down, rough and wild country path that only this Band can walk.

Track by Track

Side One - Broken Arrows:

1.: Broken Arrows: Keeping Broken Arrows flying straight again Tex Railer’s Doomtown is introducing themself with this instrumental Psycho/Surf track with screaming reverb overloaded Guitar riffs from Sean. Buckley is holding it in line with some serious drumming and just strays off once in a while. Tim is not only slapping his Bass, he is playing string bending crazy. With all this going on Kevin peeks out once in a blue moon to give this track a slight ringing twist.

2.: Any Other Way: That is the American way of mixing Country/Western with some heavy Psychobilly on a down-tempo song. This time you can hear clearly the Pedal-Steel.

3.: .....and Start West Pt.2: Combine a string bending suffering( in a good way) Lead Guitar and short hard played Drums with a oh yeah slap that Bass like you mean it. This is the purest form of Tex Railer’s Doomtown. The rough and aggressive Vocal is a great fit and filling in the quieter parts you have some honest backing vocals.

4.: Long Gone: What an Intro. Cool Drums together with short sharp riffs from the Guitar and then you have the Slap-Bass joining in with the same riffs. It’s awesome. Honest vocals going towards Cow-Punk with that uber cool Pedal-Steel to finish everything off.

5.: Cowboy Killer: Cowboy’s and Indian’s. Taking a piece out of their own imagine movie sound track and blending it with some fast awesome Psycho/Western will definitely slay some Cowboys on the way.

6.: Friday Nite: This is by far the most fun laden track from Tex Railer’s Doomtown. I go as far as to say this is more like 1980’s Fun Punk mixed with some heavy Rock Guitar.

7.: Bad Way: I hope he is not in a Bad Way after putting this song on paper. Aggressive Guitar riffs screaming for help and that comes in the form of hard hammering Drums and a cool relaxed Slap-Bass. They are staying true to the vocals, no gimmick and no filter.

8.: Del Mar: Lighting fast track that is showing off the ability of Tex Railer’s Doomtown to compete with well known Psychobilly Bands any day of the week.

9.: Waste My Days: Down-tempo song that tells you a story about a sad and angry person. Blues like riffs strumming away only to be comforted by a sad Slap-Bass and Rack and Floor Tom loaded Drums. A third of a way in you have a little outburst of anger but get half way and that is where the whole track explodes. Great track.

Side Two - Early and Live Recordings:

1.: Buried In Leather: Wild distorted reverb Guitar with a solid Slap-Bass and super cool Drums. This track goes more into Punk.

2.: Psychopath: Crystal clear Guitar leading the way to a slap-happy Bass as an Intro. And then we kick off with some Cow-Punk Guitar, hammering Rock Drums and straight laced Slap-Bass with some serious issue. Out of the blue comes the Psychopath to warn you.

3.: Doomtown Two-Step: Sounds like the dirty version of Pscho-Cow-Billy. Tons of distortion on the track. Fast paste Drums that edge the Slap-Bass on to keep up with the reverb loaded Guitar. That sounds like the way Tex Railer’s Doomtown finish their gigs.

4.: Upstate(live): This gives you a clear indication what happens at their gigs. Loud, louder, Tex Railer’s Doomtown. Just honest rough ready stipped down American Psycho-Cow-Punk.

5.: Coney Mike(live): That is one way to finish an Album. Instrumental and crazy. One endless Guitar sole with heaps of Slap-Bass, Drums played as his life depends on it and infused with some Pedal-Steel.


So what did we learn from this Album? Bands coming out of Albany are crazy, rough and play stripped down no nonsense music. This is definitely not for everyone's taste but if you like Psychobilly and Cow-Punk this is the go to Band. Starting with the aggressive playing, you can hear some cool lyrics. This Album is an eardrum buster from the highest level. So never say never to this style of music until you bought this Album and tortured your next door neighbour or even the whole street.

Track listing:

Side One - Broken Arrows:

Any Other Way

.....and Start West Pt.2

Long Gone

Cowboy Killer

Friday Nite

Bad Way

Del Mar

Waste My Days

Side Two - Early and Live Recordings:

Buried In Leather


Doomtown Two-Step


Coney Mike(live)

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