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Bad Things-The Bobcats Released 12th November 2022, produced by Zac Zdravkovic, available on CD via the Bobcats website or at their gigs. Reviewed: Terry Mead 10 /12/2022 The Bobcats are a UK 1950s Rock & Roll , Doo Wop & Jive, rockabilly band and recognised as one of the top acts on the circuit and who have been performing for many years. The band members between them have a very wide range of experience ranging from playing in small private venues to performing all over Europe. The band covers a wide spectrum of music legends from the 1950's covering the Rock & Roll scene. The band consist of: Darren Davis - Lead Singer Darren is the voice of The Bobcats. He has one of the most recognised vocals on the Rock & Roll circuit. He has been singing since his early teenage years and his passion for the fifties music shows the minute he steps onto stage. Whether its Doo-Wop & Jive, Rock & Roll or Rockabilly, Darren lights up the stage as soon as he starts to sing. This larger than life character is our very own gentle giant and fun to be with ..... Shaun ”Tugga” Jenkinson - Drummer / Backing Vocals Shaun’s love for the 1950s music began at a very young age. His parents took him to clubs where Rock & Roll bands played and immediately fell in love with playing the drums. His dad bought him his first kit which he kept in his garage and told everybody it sounded like he was making a shed !!!!! This self-taught drummer progressed over the years playing in a few Rock & Roll bands, then had the opportunity to join The Bobcats. Shaun is the joker of the band but always shows his professional side as soon as he starts performing with the band Stevie B - Double bass / Backing Vocals Stevie has been playing the bass for 20yrs + and had the pleasure of playing in Vegas where he shared the stage with The Jordanaires as well as playing around Europe. He's also been lucky enough to share the stage with some greats i.e. Wee Willie Harris, Charlie Grace, matchbox to name a few. His road started by watching old films with his dad and as he got older, he began to watch live Rock & Roll bands on the circuit and decided to purchase his 1st bass from a dear friend, Zac. From this he became a new member of Mr Jonnie Fox & The Hunters and from that day forward his life changed and has enjoyed playing ever since Jamie Hill - Guitarist / Backing vocals Jamie's love of playing the guitar began at the tender age of six when he was brought his first guitar for Christmas. He loves performing on stage in front of an audience and certainly has some groovy moves !! As well as playing guitar, Jamie also sings, plays the drums and double bass. He has been performing in clubs, pubs and festivals for the past couple of years as a solo artist playing Rock 'n' Roll. Joining The Bobcats is an exciting new adventure and has 100% commitment for the band....... This album is a mixture of covers with a more modern title track

let’s Review track by track: Rockin” Red Wing-To start off a cracking cover of Sammy Masters 1960 tune, Love the intro cross between The Good the Bad the Ugly meets Running Bear, before heading straight into the song done in true Bobcat style.

Rockin” Daddy -The Sonny Fisher classic and what a stomper this version is, put on those bopping shoes and off you go, the beat will keep you driving throughout.

Well Now Dig This-From the fabulous Jodimars this version certainly lives up to them, great quirky vocals, awesome jiving beat and even has the whistles at the start and finish.

Summertime-A song that goes way back to the 1935 Opera Porky & Bess, from the start you can hear the realistic surf beat running through this track along with the grating voice of Darren Davis does make it very daunting and charismatic.

Flip Flop & Fly -Recorded first by Big Joe Turner in 1955, this is certainly a lively version right from the start with traits of the early 1970s Rock n Roll sound that I remember so well.

Bim Bam- Sam Butera’s 1958 classic on Capitol, with the distinctive voice of Darren Davis behind the wheel this is a great choice for their live set, played at the correct tempo to the original.

Shape I’m In – One of my all-time favourites Johnny Restivo no less and the Bobcats here haven’t let me down with this version. Great dance track if you’re up for a fast jive then this one’s for you, there are some awesome guitar licks to add to the flavour along the way to.

Don’t Let Go-Released in 1957 by Roy Hamilton, this is a nice tribute with the Bobcats producing some distinctive backing vocals. Again, great dance track played at pace.

Pledging My Love To You-To give you a breather this smoochy little number originally done by Johnny Ace in 1955 has been added to the track list as a contrast and what a beautiful rendition it is and the melody is so soothing, so grab your partners and glide around the floor.

Bad Things-The soundtrack from the HBO series ‘True Blood’ written by country singer Jace Everett, sung here with traits of Screaming Lord Sutch vibes, making it a very daunting sound and a great choice for the title track.

Sure Like The Look in Your Eyes -Neo-Rockabilly band Red Hot & Blue’s 1985 top notch Blues Bopper given an airing here and what an airing done in traditional bopping style with all the revs, Jamie Hill sings this track.

Pink & Black Cadillac- No need to introduce this club number played over the Rocking years on the circuit and what a superb choice to end this album with a souped-up version of Sonny Fishers classic. To Summarise if you’re after a Wild party then stick this CD on great dance and lively tracks well harmonised and produced. Always been a big fan of the Bobcats seen then many times at gigs and weekenders and hope to catch them doing a live set of these 12 tracks. Track List Rockin” Red Wing Rockin” Daddy Well Now Dig This Summertime Flip Flop & Fly Bim Bam Shape I’m In Don’t Let Go Pledging My Love To You Bad Things Sure Like The Look in Your Eyes Pink & Black Cadillac Band Biography: Darren decided to put the band together after doing 25 years solo work in the clubs and became a little tired of the bingo breaks. He wanted to do something fresh and different so decided to start his first band. First album was recorded with Zac who played the guitar on it for them. It was called Rockin with The Bobcats. He wasn’t keen on the album but was unsure at first why …. He then decided to change the band for more experienced musicians and then The official Bobcats was formed….. The 1st venue The Bobcats played was Shepwell Green in Willenhall around 14 years ago. They went to play many bigger gigs and Weekenders notably The Wildest Cats in Town where they filled the large dancefloor throughout their set.

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