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The BopCats – Cruisin’ With...

Released in: July 2022 as a 14 track C.D. and L.P. August/September 2022.

Reviewed on 8 August 2022 by: Dave Diamond.


Vocals & Guitars – Utsi Uusitalo.

Drums – Ari Eerola

Bass – Aki Savolainen

Backing Vox – Utsi and Ari

Guest musician: Pete Salmi on Piano

Produced – Bopcats and Talsti Records.

Mixed By – Pete Salmi/Tonelab Studio

Mastered by – Pete Salmi/Tonelab Studio

Artwork and Photos by: Tiina Salminen/Juha Karkkainen.

Tracks written by: Utsi Uusitalo, Mico Jansson, Heidi Leppanen.

Cover trax: Goin’ Wild and Fairlane Rock.

Distribution to buy the CD/LP: Jungle Records, Goofin Records, Talsti Records, The BopCats.

BAND BIO/Influences….

All fifties artists, Crazy Cavan, Matchbox, The Blue Cats / band has done a lot joint gigs with for example those bands over the years + has played the background of many fifties stars (=Gene Summers, Sleepy LaBeef, Ray Campi).

Ok, Let’s have a listen to the tracks –

Old Chevy - and we’re off with a great guitar chugging lick from Utsi, single shot from the snare of Ari and then double bass from Aki and here we go, nice catchy vocals from Utsi and hook line…’I’ll get my Chevy back again’…this track is moving along at a great pace! Nice middle eight section with backing vocals…nice slide geetar brings the track back in….. hooked already…this has a great 80’s vibe to it… love it and what an opener to kick start this album!

Crazy Little Love- This one’s got a great European feel to this track, has a fantastic back beat and vocals yet again are on the money that adds to this track being another top has two great instrumental breaks, for sure this is gonna be a real dance floor filler… …Love it!

Sad Baby – at just over 3mins long….this could have been featured in a 1950’s teen flick …real fab backing vocals from Utsi and Ari that accompany the lead and really makes this track nice and mellow and a fab easy listening tune.

Dodge-30 second intro to this number..lots of bass on this number, and a fab high end Gallop style guitar, great snare crack and nice Blue Caps style backing vocals, with a raw sounding vocal.. phew this one leaves you outta breath and waiting in anticipation for the next tune!

Goin’ Wild – more of a rhythm strumming guitar on this great cover track, great breakdown section followed by a catchy middle eight, again nice backing vocals…a deeper vocal on this number..nice guitar solo leading into the chorus…I’m going wild over you ..’can’t fight it can’t hide it, goin’ wild about you’

Only Wanna Bop – Utsi Guitar starts this up tempo track…Just over 2 minute long, this number has brushes featured on the snare from Ari and a nice piano from Pete, mixed in with the bass and guitar from Utsi and Aki….piano takes the first instrumental break then the guitar takes over..could have been featured in one of the Grab This and Dance Volumes released back in the 90’s!

Comin’ Up – Bass starts this kick ass number, would be a great bopper at a Ted Stompin’ gig, fab raw vocals and a chugging beat….the cats are comin…. Screeching guitar solo that goes twice round…my fave track so far!

Goin’ Home – Guitar starts again followed by “Let’s go”, catchy 2 minute number, has a nice jiving tempo that I can imagine going down very well at live gigs, for sure this will get your feet tapping to the crazy beat of The Bop Cats!

Lonely Cat – A haunting start to this track, very 1980’s feel to it, think Stray Cats, showcases the bands musicianship and varies the style of this C.D …tempo is a strolling pace..nice vocals once again and ooohhss backing up sits nicely in the mix.

Rumblin’ Caddy– straight in on this number, fantastic high octane European rock n roll number, another foot tapping catchy number….top draw and a top gear of a tune….love it!

Shake Along – ‘go man go’ … another up-tempo number from this fab trio from Finland….

Fairlane Rock – first cover from the band of this well know sun records track originally done by Hayden Thompson ….this is a good version with a deeper vocal and brought into the 21st century.

Sweet Love – This one’s a great stroller, with a softer vocal and nice backing vocals, has a bit of a Buddy Holly and The Crickets vibe going on with this number, really like it.

Bop Cat Hop – Final track of this fab cd from The Bop Cats…this tracks all about the music that makes you wanna bop at the hop…and yet another great dance tune that sure gonna get your head moving..nice staggered breakdown section during the instrumental break at 50 seconds…then name checking shake rattle and roll, flip flop and fly with a great bass on this tune…nice track to end off what has been a real great listening CD that has something for everyone.

YouTube link:

In their own words.

Founded 1979 by Utsi Uusitalo & Mico Jansson / after that lineup has changed a bit few times, especially on bass player department, current drummer has been involved since 1982 / only period without gigs for the band was between from 1985 to 1990, since then there have been again around 10-30 gigs every year / in the future band plans to play gigs when requested and as long as it feels good.

This is our sixth release now and our first E.P. Came out in 1982…


CD format = only 100 pieces came now first, BUT 400 will came later, during the September / LP format = 300 is coming in the first edition during the August or September

Wow! 14 fantastic tracks with many varied rock n roll styles that has something for everyone…

All the tracks have something different to them, yet keeping with that rock ‘n’ roll feel and taking it to a very high standard.

The album has a great 80’s vibe to it but with a great mix of rough raw rock ‘n’ roll that really hit the target…

Don’t delay, and make sure you grab a copy from the band and get ready to dance the night away daddio’s!


Reviewed by Dave Diamond

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