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Released January 31st 2023 on Cleopatra Records Reviewed 12th February 2023 by Nick 'Rockin Doc' Kemp Listen to the EP here:

The Brains are undoubtedly one of my favourite psychobilly bands of the past 20 years. Rene de la Muerte is a phenomenal guitarist and a very fine vocalist. I was first turned on to the band via 2013’s the Monster Within which is in my top five psychobilly albums of all time. The demos on offer here predate that album, but this merely encouraged me to re-explore their earlier work which is also first class.

Murcielagos is a classic example of the Brains one hundred miles an hour, full on assault. It is extremely impressive.

I’m So Glad is similarly good, the vocals are not quite up to the usual highly polished standard of Rene de la Muerte, but that’s what you might expect from a demo.

Taken from the No Pain, No Brain album ‘I Don’t Wanna’ is relentless, pummelling stuff replete with awesome guitar work.

‘Full Moon’ does not slow the pace one jot and is a testament to the superb musicianship on display here: guitar, bass and drums.

‘Crazy Paradise’, another track from No Pain, No Brain album actually quickens the pace and is another awesome display of musicianship.

‘Little Drinks’ is a demo of a song that also appeared on the No Pain, No Brain album and it is an absolute gem. This slightly less polished version is a welcome addition to the Brains’ canon.

This is a very fine and welcome release from the Brains following 2020’s Santana Tarantula and serves an excellent stop gap measure as we await the Brains next full-length studio album.

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