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The Bullets – That Screamin’ Beat! Release Date: November 2022 Reviewed on 9th January 2023 by Dave Diamond

BAND MEMBERS: Vocals/Guitar – Brett Waters Drums – Gary Griffin Bass – Nick Whitfield Produced and Mixed by: Alan Wilson Mastered by: Alan Wilson

Front cover artwork by: Brett Waters >> This album sold out when it was first released on C.D pressing within 2 weeks and subsequently released on back vinyl which I have been informed is nearly sold out too! ‘Hot Press for Slap That Bass…. Alan will be putting it out on coloured vinyl…which should be available February folks!!

About The Band: The Bullets are a wild rockabilly trio from London UK. Signed to Western Star Records since 2012. All our songs are originals and we love not just recording our songs but also collecting 50’s and 60’s original records.

Let’s have a listen to the tracks:

Wildfire Woman - Like a rocket we are off…. Great staggered start to this opening tune… “Wildfire Woman is a crazy chick!”.. Loving Brett’s powerful vocal and his rip-roaring guitar solo…interspersed with Gary’s machine gun snare work and topped off fantastically by Nick’s slapping bass…. Not only one solo but we have 2 on this stomping fast paced track!

Ragged - loving the Bo-Diddly vibe to this number…digging the deeper vocal on the breakdown section…nice mid break change of tempo during the solo that brings in the floor tom as the main drum part…this numbers a real head shaker…. and foot stomper!

Just Havin’ A Ball - kick starts with a drum shuffle from Gary, then in comes a great catch guitar lick from Brett and another powerhouse vocal (loving his projection), swiftly followed by a fab rhythmic bass line from Nick… great catchy number with a fab middle eight and fantastic lyrics once again….get your jacket off and hit that dance floor!

She Only Rocks With Me - at 1 minutes 57, “man alive 365 any fool can see, no one rocks with my baby, she only rocks with me"…. Great chorus line on this tune…another fab rhythmic number from this trio.

Good To Be Bad - Boom! Bret’s vocals start this track off with added keys from Gary too! This killer strolling paced tune is gonna tear up the dancefloor for sure… it really does have everything…power, beat, stops, stabs fantastic rhythm and a great hook line!

Gasoline – straight in on this mid paced number…. Loving the chord strumming guitar on the verses…. And the stops with the single shot snare drum hits and that slapping bass keeping everything together… a deeper vocal this time from Bret…. Great lyrics once again and for sure she’s on fire and her name is Gasoline!!

Two Lane Black Top- nice rhythm tune and Brett’s vocal on it own is how this number starts that has more of a rockin’ western feel to it…. Think Planet Rockers meet Johnny Cash and you won’t be far off… what a fantastic stripped back laid-back tune folks!

Shakin’ Itta Bina – yes indeed this one is proper stomping all the way to the front of the stage… get ready to go crazy to this fast-paced rocker, it sure has that screamin’ beat that’s gonna knock you right out!! So good I’ve just gotta play it again…see you in 1 minute 43 seconds daddio’s!

Ain’t Done Yet – mid – paced rocker… this one’s gonna blow yer socks right orf! “One time is all you get, I said I aint done yet!” Once again, a very catchy hook line on this well written track with an electrifying instrumental break… A sure-fire dancefloor hit!

El Estampida – I was just thinking to myself, this album after only 9 songs in has everything and I was hoping for an instrumental…so enter El Estampida, an up-tempo stroller that’s gonna get lots of airplay and become a stand out track at the clubs!

Voodoo Fool -love that twanging bending geetar at the start of this stomping tune… another mid- paced rockin’ thumpin’ number… great instrumental section once again…. Love it!

You And I Are Done – reminiscent of the early 80’s sound…another fantastic catchy tune from this trio…. really showcasing the bands musicianship with many tempo changes during the solo, and once again great use of stops and staggered breaks… the bands fantastic original writing machine continues once again!

Drinkin’ Old No. 7 – snare and rack tom start this number off, then we’re in with the guitar and slapping bass…. a fab tune that moves along nicely at a great pace… has something of a Memphis vibe to it with a bit of truck-a-billy too!

Annabella – right from the off this track has you in it’s spell…. It really is the mutts nutts!…gotta turn the volume right up! …. Annabella for sure has got it all, what a phenomenal number to end this 14-track release.

CLOSING COMMENTS ABOUT THE ALBUM: The Bullets have now been signed to the Western Star records family for 10 years and here we have another high-octane rock n roll release from this fantastic trio. The bands eighth release and what a stonker it is… released on vinyl here we have 14 pure 100% wild screamin’ energised tunes…. Rockabilly at its best!

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