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Backstage at Rosis by The Cable Bugs Released on CD October 2022 + a vinyl release in 2023 Reviewed by Rockin Rebel on the 29 11 2022 Backstage at Rosis by the Cable Bugs is a high-octane Rockabilly cd. From the very first track to the final track, they will have you jumping and jiving, bopping and strolling. the band members are Mark Diceman- vocals/rhythm guitar, Richie Bravo- lead guitar/ backing vocals, Johnny Basser- double bass/ backing vocals-Kalle Boston- drums/ backing vocals. This will be the second album on the wolverine records label and set to be a smash, with 12 original self-penned tracks and two rockin version of 2 classics, so lets get the volume turned up and have rockin review of each track Seven Seas, Join the band on this rockin trip on the seas of rockabilly. Great first track Written by Johannes Klutig / Jonny Basser who display their talent at putting pen paper, vocals and backing is well delivered with couple of instrumental breaks to strut your stuff to. Great Track. Rockin To, A great little bopper. Simple lyrics with a fantastic sound mixes well to create a awesome track. Even whilst I’m typing my feet are tapping away. Written by Mark Dittrich / Mark Diceman. This is well produced song and fits well on the play list of the album. Road To Nowhere, Written by Johannes Klutig / Jonny Basser. Telling the story of the hardships of being a band, the trials and tribulations of traveling around trying to get a name, Well the Cable Bugs have landed in your town with this track, the Slap Bass along with the drums go to together well with the vocals. Sleep In the Fridge This is a fantastic song, the haunting sound with lyrics we have all felt at some point in our life, with a tribute sound to the Stray Cats but it still gives their own individual styles, this would make a great single along side the vinyl release next year. Richard Geisler/Richie Bravo well done on a great track. Rabbit Johannes Klutig / Jonny Basser, once again the guys showing the diversity of their writing skill. The guitar really stands out on this track,but the bass and drums just sit behind the vocals. Ain’t Feeling Good This is a great Jiver with a great beat. The backing vocals along with main vocals come together well in the middle part of the song, Good instrumental breaks to a well composed song, this won’t leave you feelin so good, but out of breat5h from dancing, Another great track by Johannes Klutig / Jonny Basser Don’t Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes at Me Starts off nicely with a vocal and bass before moving into the rockabilly sound, we all know and love. This track is very popular with recording artist so it’s refreshing to hear a different take on a classic. The track was written by hank penny & Ruth Hill & sung by Penny. Released on the King label In February 1950, great version by the boys. Surf & Turf. The band showing their musical talents with a nice little instrumental. Can just imagine my collar turned up walking across the beach. Written by Richard Geisler/Richie Bravo. Gotta Go Out Tonight. Yet again another great rockin track from the writing camp of The Cable Bugs team, it must be really hard to write 12 songs for an album, at any time But they have found fresh lyrics and composed into classy rockabilly tracks, a must for any event dancefloor. Mark Dittrich / Mark Diceman putting this one to paper. Devils Sister. Very clever in the writing of this track as they have combined their own lyrics to sound like a famous track from the Elvis catalogue. Im sure you can work it out from the title track. Mark Dittrich / Mark Diceman are the writers. Hey Mr. Bartender. Rockin tune from the Johannes Klutig / Jonny Basser writing team. You will defiantly be drunk on the rockabilly sound and will be ordering a few more rounds from the band. And we all know the bartender is everybody’s friend. Keep My Words for Hell. Johannes Klutig / Jonny Basser writes a Rockabilly track with a country influence. Vocals are great and the quailty of the sound is nothing but pleasing to the ear. Stomping tune that will keep you rockin. Big applause to The Cable Bugs for this cracking cd. Sunny Afternoon. A mix of the classic song from the 60s. written by songwriter Ray Davis and released by the Kinks in the mid-60s. this will be marmite to some folks on the scene. But give it a chance to play through, its catchy and fun, nice attempt lads. Last song. A great title track for what is a most enjoyable cd. I can on congratulate all concerned in putting this cd together, the writing is brilliant, and the production side is very high class. And I can only finish with this, it might be the last song, but you will be wanting more from The Cable Bugs. Band Information The Cable Bugs are a rock'n'roll/rockabilly band from Belgium and Germany. The Bugs were already in the line-up with the likes of Slim Jim Phantom, Restless and The Stargazers. Since 2002 the four maniacs have been on big and small stages in Germany and Benelux. They play music heavily influenced by bands like The Paladins, The Reverend Horton Heat, Batmobile and The Stray Cats. Catch the wild bunch at one of their shows or hear them on Wolverine Records. Reviewed by Rockin Rebel Road to Nowhere -

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