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The Creature Preachers - Necro A Go​-​Go

Creepy Surf Rock from the darkest depths of the Georgia swamps

rock; surf rock; horror; instrumental; spooky; surf-instro;

Released 13/10/23

The Creature Preachers are:

Greg Regular-drums, bass, guitar

Scary Gary-guitar, bass, keys, drums

Tracks review:

Trioxin Death Trip – the present us this great intro track! First thing I've noticed: the excellent sound production! Bass’s presence is really present here, all instruments on the spot! A good start for the rest of this album!

Zombie Tsunami – Another steady rhythm track. With jazzy drums work, gotta mind an “all over” guitar sound. By the time I heard this second track, I knew the rest was going to be great!

Hex From The Ex – Another beautiful work! Again, love the bass sound, leading this track, well accompanied by the drums while the guitar is roaming all around!

Necro A Go-Go - with a prominence of a characteristic garage/psych organ, great guitar riffs and a nicely done solo, we’re in the presence of another solid structured track! Maybe, not by chance, it’s the track that named the album!

Haunted Swamp – These brothers really know how to play their stuff!! Impossible not to enjoy all the instrumental work here! Everything is in place! A very rhythm paced one!

Prawn Of The Dead – Everytime I change tracks, it’s a pure joy! Another fine piece of work! As mentioned before, the sound production is great (something that I really appreciate) A very good garage/surf melodic track!

Scary Possum Festival – With a slower paced rhythm, the listeners are presented with some nice breaks and a strong guitar work! You can just relax and enjoy!

El Fin Del Mundo – with a very appropriate name, we reach the final track!! After an “also” appropriated intro, the boys give us an excellent instrumental work that, I gotta be honest, immediately reminded me of some The Meteors instrumental tracks! Very, very good! A final note for the outro here: a fine organ melody, as if the lost souls of the swamps are having a ball!

Final thoughts:

In their genre, one of the best, solid albums I have recently heard. The brothers know how to work their instruments. I just love the sound production: it really suits their work and "fills” the whole album. Whilst some tracks take you to the obscure side of surf, others can take you on a nightly motorcycle ride on the swamps of one’s imagination! Very nice work, lads! On “repeat” mode on my headphones!!

Reviewed by Nuno (DJ Detroit) - 18/02/24

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