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Thee Windom Earles - Trashcan Sunrise

Trash Garage; Sleaze Surf; Greasy Rockabilly;

Released 09/09/23

Thee Windom Earles are:

Guitarists Rob and Pete, who also alternate vocals.

Al plays keyboard.

Shell plays the bass.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Jamie Alsop.

Recorded at Voltalab Sound Studios.

All songs written and performed by Thee Windom Earles.

Artwork by Dead Pedro.

Tracks review:

Monster Safari – Nice intro track, with frantic keys work dictating the rhythm. Absent lyrics, this is a solid instrumental track where the guitars sure do a great job!

Nudie Magazine – Rock N Roll, that’s what this one is all about! Fast paced, strong garage influences shown here, with a good guitar solo and a suitable work on vocals.

Billy Meat – Talking about serial killers, this track has a steady beat that makes you wanna shake your body! Great instrumental work! Thoughts of The Lords Of Altamont came to mind whilst listening to this one!

Playing Dead – The bass is the boss here! A voodoo bizarre rhythm that shows that, instead of “playing dead”, these guys are very much alive! A note for the guitar that, here and there, fills this song with class!

Pomade – An exotic track, slow paced with the singer doing a great job! Singing “be my pomade” really made this a fav one!

Bubblegum – The title suits the song! The female vocals are very “sixties”! Great work on the keys and jazzistic drums, towards the end, we’re presented with a very well done guitar solo

Spacetits – with a peculiar title, this is a very, very good track. Just loved the instrumental work done here: riffs and breaks that complete strong bass notes.

Savage Skulls – A fast one!! With some brief breaks, if you’re driving your hot rod or your chopper, as soon as you hear the singer shouting “god damn”, you’ll also shout “god damn” and speed up your machine! Wild!

Head Hex – This is a track that brings to mind some Cramps “stay sick” era! This is rock n roll! Love those riffs while the keys are having a ball!!

Mighty Suave – The last and longer track of the album! 6:12 minutes that gives us a song out of the band's weird nightmares! Great combo between the guitar and the keys on the solo segments! A fav of mine.

Final Thoughts

With a very suitable “twin peaks” inspired band’s name, I really enjoyed listening to this album! These guys sure provide a stomping garage sound, while playing frantic rock n roll! Strong bass presence with a very good connection between the guitars and the keys, while all the vocals are suitable for the whole album! The album production also fits right in on the band's work!

Reviewed by Nuno (DJ Detroit) - 20/02/24

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