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THE DARK SIDE OF ROCK 'N' ROLL: Rare Tracks From Psychomania Rumble and Psychobilly Earthquake.

Released by Psychobilly Earthquake in 2022 Compiled by Tom & Norman in Aid for a Friend

Reviewed on 04/02/2023 Reviewed by Holger E. @radioteddyboys1983

The Bands: Well I will write a bit about the Bands with each track. But the most imported and wonderful thing that happened is there is still hope and love and respect in this world, well at least in the world of Psychobilly. One call and 24 Bands handed over a track or demo that was either unreleased or rare just so Tom & Norman can help a friend in need.

Track by Track 1.: The Rusty Robots: Trapped In Worms: 2011 marks the year in Goslar to create a Band that holds onto the old school days of Psychobilly. Here is a track by Salmi on Vocals – Guitar, Paddy on Slap Bass and Chris on Drums. Catchy reverb happy Guitar as the intro, just to draw in the Drums in the background and then to start with a bang. Solid Slap-Bass dancing around with crashing Drums and still this catchy little riff from the Guitar. 2.: The Griswalds: Situations Change: Formed in 1987. They still keep the good old English Psychobilly alive. This should come to no surprise that this Band is one of the Bands who took Germany by storm (well at least the Psychobilly Scene). Old school pure. Booming Drums, reverb loaded Guitar and a Slap-Bass that delivers speed at the fret-board. There is this mix of ska/punk in the background that influences the Vocals with the power and lyrics of Psychobilly 3.: Jeroen Haamers: Shoot Shoot 2022: On the go since 1983 as the Lead vocal and Guitar for the Band known as Batmobile. Jeroen’s take on this track with unbelievable Guitar slinging riffs and a cool solos. Heavy handed Drums and Slap-Bass that stay for most of the time in the background. 4.: Die Abnorman Tomaten: Die Mumie: This is a project by Norman Winter who also is founding father of Thee Flanders and Psychomania Rumble and many other collaborations. Awesome vocals that get filled and lifted by harmonic Backing Vocals. A screaming Guitar to drive forward the train like Slap-Bass and Drums to match. 5.: Demented Hillbillies: Mongoloid (Live from the Rumble): Sparky on Vocals, Doyley on Ukulele, Mutant Cox on Guitar and Ramon on Slap Bass. How many high profile Psychos can you fit on one stage? Well don’t look any further. Sparky’s vocals are as ruff and unforgettable as they come. Matched with the Guitar/Ukulele genius Doyley (Diablo Records). Ramon is using his power to control his Slap-Bass like a specialist. Mutant Cox is driving this track into the next generation with his Acoustic Guitar. 6.: Prison Of Blues: Back To The Grave: This Band from the other side of the world (Indonesia) is giving you some hard dark horror-psycho-punk vibes that will give you the chills. Metal Guitars are singing to the Drums of doom and your brain is going into overdrive by the never stopping of the Slapping Bass. Vocals to fit the darkest Horror movie around. This Band will get you Back To The Gravy. 7.: Thee Flanders: Mörder Ohne Gesicht: Potsdam 1997 was the time and place where Norman Winter formed this Band. Dennis Jahnke on Guitar, Norman Winter on Vocals, Felix Rosenhahn on Slap Bass and Marcel Behnke on Drums. German Psychobilly mixed with a pinch of Punk at it’s finest. This German track has the feel of German 80’s Punk. Slap-Bass heavy track with high sounding Guitars and cool Drums. The vocals really bring me back to my youth and listening to German Punk and Psychobilly. 8.: BZFOS: Mark Of The Devil: Dead Gein, Dr Schreck, Mr Evilize and The Reverend Bloodbath are the members behind this Horror-Punk-Psycho Band from Vienna/Austria. Hammering Metal Drums and crazy Guitar riffs with hard dark low down string bending Slap-Bass and some spine tingling Vocals. 9.: Beat Devils: Out Of Town: Just to keep it really international. Here is a pure Psycho Band from Moscow. Teo on Drums, Andy on Guitar and Grem on Slap Bass keeping the world Psycho happy since 2001. Playing from their home town Moscow down to Cyprus at may Events with their demon like themes about Shaman’s Rituals and other out of this world magical things. 10.: Evil Daltons: Fireball: The Band consists of Gunnar on Guitar, Vocals, Rodney on Drums and Heiner on Slap-Bass. Formed in 1992 in Willich (near Düsseldorf). Fast paste German Psycho with the undertone of old school German Punk. 11.: Astro Zombies: Bloody Blade: 3 French Psychos created the Astro Zombies in 1996 to recreate the 1968 American fiction horror movie in the Psychobilly style. Now in 2023 the original line-up is back (Christophe Bobby Bourgeade, Mark Carevv and Thomas Lorioux) to stun you with more new exiting tracks about Outa Space Psycho. 12.: Milwaukee Wildmen: Out On My Own: Founded in 1988 in the Netherlands by Robert Lambrechts on Guitar & Vocals, Egbert Nuyten on Drums and Ralf Van Raay on Slap-Bass & Vocals. One very important Dutch Psychobilly Band know for their energetic fast and hard playing. Taking the speedy slapping of the Bass the Drums pick up and is joining the speed demon. Adding screeching Guitar sounds and screaming Vocals makes this track. To fill out the background they use melodic Vocals which makes this track sound full and well rounded and still gives it a slight evil feel. 13.: The Dry Tortugas: Meanwhile: Straight out of the melting pot of one of the biggest music scenes in Germany, Berlin. The Dry Tortugas are Band-members from Lota Red and The Roughnecks!. Mid-tempo track with screaming reverb Guitar riffs, fingers dancing over the fret-board of the Slap-Bass and some wholesome Drums. 14.: Evil Devil: The Witch: These Psychos are coming out of Italy and working now a long time with Crazy Love Records. Mixing old school and new school with hammering Slap-Bass, powerful Drums screaming Guitars and unforgettable Vocals. Psycho-Punk-Rock’n’billy. 15.: Tom Toxic & Sohn: Wir Schlagen Uns (Irgendwie Durch): The german Johnny Cash out of Kiel (northern Germany) is probably better know been the front-man of The Holstein Rockets. Rockabilly just a bit harder and heavier. So let’s get ready to Rumble. 16.: The Mighty Ramon: Not Without A Fight: You might know him from a Band called Mad Sin. What happens when you cross Psychobilly with Surf? Psychosurfer or Surfobilly? Well on this track The Mighty Ramon is all of it. One endless solo that let’s you ride the wave of no return. 17.: Stormtroopers Of Love: You Better Run: Out of Copenhagen comes this Band formed in 2018 by Bjorn Strangelove on Guitar and Vocals, allan Lockjaw on Drums and Kasper Hellyeah on Slap-Bass. At a later stage Old Macdonald was introduced to play the Organ. Fast ghoulish hell-raising Drums and horror slapping from the Bass combined with screaming theatrical Guitar and vocals that raise the Dead. Welcome to Danish Psychobilly. 18.: The Halfwits: Funnel Of Love (Live from The Earthquake): From Brazil but living in Germany, Baby Rebbel is and was the Lead Guitar and Vocals for As Diabatz and The Halfwits. They played and shared the stage with some of the best and most famous Psycho Bands in the world. This seems to be a once off, as it is all over the internet that the band split in 2018 due to other projects. 19.: SGT. Bilko’s Krazy Combo: Shrinking Man: Established in Northampton (England) in 1982 by Berni and Tim Lumb. Proud to have played the legendary Klub Foot Venue in 1987. There were some changes in the line-up but that never stopped them to keep moving forward. The name is synonymous with old school Psychobilly and Neo-Rockabilly. 20.: Monokain: Who Killed The Kennedys: The Band consists of: R.Mono on Guitar & Vocals, Dirty Dirc on Drums & Backing Vocals and Benny Zin on Slap-Bass & Backing Vocals. This is hard heavy Punk loaded with reverb happy psycho Guitar that shred’s metal riffs. 21.: Kone Krawall Klub: Nervous Breakdown: This One Man Band is as crazy as it’s sounds. Based in Leipzig (Germany), he creates a mix of Rockabilly, Neo-Rockabilly and Psychobilly. This is Art made with music. 22.: Thee Twangjackets: Claudette: This Duo is from Mannhein (Germany) and smashing it. They were off stage for a good while but are back in the studio to create more mayhem on Vinyl. Stripped down Psychobilly like no other Band has created before. 23.: Tin Roof Cats: Hot Rod Kelly: Northern Germany Neo-Rockabilly at it’s finest. Famous for their self penned song and great covers Flo on Slap-Bass, Edgar on Guitar, Faxe on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals and Marc on Drums will sweep you of your feet. Down dirty raw Rockabilly. 24.: The Tony Montanas: Bella Ciao: Moving from the top of Germany down to the South-West. This is where this 3 piece Band cultivated a style called Mafiabilly. Tall Tony Montana on Slap-Bass, Tony Gazoline on Drums & Backing Vocals and Tony Blue Eyes Montana on Guitar & Vocals. A mix between Scarface and Psychobilly that is laced with Rockabilly and Italian harmonies.

Summary: So what do we think? Well first of all this is a great project to help a friend. Second it’s Psychobilly. Third point, this is not just a couple of tracks on an Album, this is travelling through time. From the thriving ages of the 80’s Psychobilly to the dark horror Psycho from later years. When you go from nodding your head to the beat of the Drums to trashing around in the moshpit to some crazy Guitar riffs and hammering Slap-Bass then you know you got the right combination of Tracks/Songs. This is a fantastic Album that Tom and Norman managed to compile and press.

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