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Mad In The Head by The DiggerZ

Released on 10/06/2022

Reviewed on 22/08/2022

Reviewed by Holger E. @radioteddyboys1983 / Radio Psychobilly

The Band consists of Mo - Vocals and Slap Bass, Andre - Guitar and Backing Vocals, Ole - Guitar and Backing Vocals, Köppy - Drums and Backing Vocals

That album just landed on my desk (Today) and after the first few seconds i had to start this review.

The DiggerZ are back after 7 years and this happens.

Not often that you come across a German Psychobilly Band that is around for over 14 year and is so diverse. These Guys from Essen which is a City in the industrial part of Germany are proving it. Watch out for this Band. 100% heavy cracking Psychobilly. And here comes the BUT: it’s not all 1000% just craziness. At times there is a hint of Punk or Western in their song. What a wonderful awesomeness of a cracking Vinyl.

Track by Track

1.: Night Out: Let’s get Mad In The Head. Kick-drum and twangy Guitar for a short intro only to burst out with full power to good old Psychobilly. Hammering and finger bleeding Slap-Bass just sitting in the middle to push everything forward. Heavy hard Drum that just shows you which way this whole Album is going. Guitars taken the approach of Psychobilly/Punk with a slight hint on Western( listen careful to hear it). Vocals are so powerful and versatile that it will drag you into their world of madness. Backing Vocals are working in tandem with the Lead Vocal.

2.: Needy Woman: If this is to hard for you, you are to weak. Now the Slap-Bass is jumping at you (in a good way). Tons of High Hats and Cymbals from the Drums. Tom Toms and Kick-Drum working in perfect sync with the Slap-Bass. String bendy twangy Guitar to lead the way just to get joined by the second Guitar to start the hell-raising journey. Great to hear a different angle of the Front Vocals and the super support from the Backing Vocals.

3.: Betrayal: Slowing down a bit only to blend more 80’s Psychobilly and Punk with reverb heavy swinging Guitar. A Slap-Bass that could not be more steady unless it’s in concrete. Hank is just going mad on his Drums and is still able to hold all 4 of them thight together.

4.: Wounds: Nice solid Drums together with a cool Slap-Bass and Guitars that tell a story only to change on the spot to a more speedy sound of Slap- happy-Bass, Drums and Guitars. Front vocal gets a good support by the backing vocals. This is some home penned track with all the best bits even some screaming Guitar solo.

5.: That Feeling: That feeling when you blend Neo-Rockabilly and Punk. Aggressive Vocals that gets help from a screeching Guitar. The second Guitar is giving the track a fuller sound. Drums are staying right in the middle to give it the punk feeling, while on the other hand the Slap-Bass with it’s heavy and dark sound controls the Psychobilly part.

6.: One Last Time: Marching into the wild wild west One Last Time. To use one of the Guitars and make it sound like a Steel Guitar while the other one gives it the more realistic Western sound is just great. Such a steady and plain Slap-Bass is awesome on this track. Marching Drums that make your foot tap without a doubt. Are the Vocals made for this track or this track made for the Vocals? Unbelievable cool.

7.: Keep Your Fire Alive: Sliding back into a bit more Psychobilly. Just pick one instrument and listen to it. Pitch perfect would be an understatement. The Lyrics give you a great inside of all songs builing up to this one track. This is the true meaning of The Diggerz.

8.: Fool: That's is an intro you will never forget. What a superb Slap-Bass. Just to give away to the solid Drums that ring in the way for the Guitars. No Fool there. Strong statment with great lyrics that manifest The Diggerz now and well into the future.

9.: The Devil Lies: Straight down to Psychobilly. Hard hammering Drums that lead the way to a fingerbleeding Slap-Bass and two oh so wonderful screaming Guitars that share the style between Psycho/Punk and a bit of Metal. The lyrics and vocal pitch is just spot on.

10.: Taker: Taking a page from the Redneck Zombies The Diggerz carrying the torch of modern german Psychobilly forward. A great mix of rolling melodic backing vocals that fill the room to it's full potential. It is so cool to listen to the 2 Guitars supporing each other to the old school slapping of the Double Bass and the steam train sounding Drums.

11.: Your Loving: If your loving is as fast as the Slap-Bass i wish you good luck. This has to be one of my favorites. Listen to the finger blasting that Guitar is getting and do not forget the second Guitar with that awesome rythm. Last but not least the Drums that hold everything together without going over the top. This could be a mix od Nekromantix and Demented Are Go.

12.: The Last Serenade (Lilit Clockwork (CLOCKWORK PSYCHO) ): Slowing right down after a ride from Hell. Now that we are landed you will enjoy the Grave digging experience of a finger picked screaming Guitar, low down Slap-Bass that makes your skin crawl, slow dragging Drums that are played hard to bring the point across and mixed into all this a harmonic rhythm. The vocals are full of melodies and harmonies to really making it the last Serenade. Is this the Goodbye? Only until you can dig yourself back out of 6ft and start the Ride to Hell again.


So i heard a few people complaining why The DiggerZ changed their style. Wake up,the whole world changed and so did the music. I, for my liking, have to call this Album a success. The whole Album is recorded with a cool way of story telling. One song fits into the next right until The Last Serenade. The DiggerZ incorporated music styles that they like and love. They done the right thing and moved forward. The variety of styles, tempo, sound, melodies, harmonies etc. is impressive. Hope to catch them live soon.

Track listing:

1.: Night Out:

2.: Needy Woman:

3.: Betrayal:

4.: Wounds:

5.: That Feeling:

6.: One Last Time:

7.: Keep Your Fire Alive:

8.: Fool:

9.: The Devil Lies:

10.: Taker:

11.: Your Loving:

12.: The Last Serenade:

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