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Wop -A-Billy Volume 1, The Groovenaires.

, Released: January 2022, 12” Vinyl only Available through Bear records.

Mixed & mastered by Thosten Scheffner at Organic music, cover & label artwork@ Frederik_bartels.

Reviewed by Terry Mead 08/04/2022

The Band:

Frank Buttgereit- Lead, backing vocals and acoustic guitar.

Darren Page-Lead, backing vocals,electric guitar & upright bass.

Adrian McKenna-Backing vocals & electric guitar.

Jimmie Pettersson-Upright bass.

Christer Sosa-Drums

Wop-A-Billy contains 8 self-published tracks.

The Groovenaires are a pure studio project, born out of the Lockdown situation.

Frank Buttgereit (ex-bass singer of the Crystalairs, now BrillianTears) was not only always a big doo-wop fan, but also always had a soft spot for rockabilly songs with doo-wop chords (e.g. Laurie-Ann by Glen Glenn), preferably with slap bass, acc guitar, tic-tac e-bass., picked e-guitar and drums. But since the child also had to have a name, he called it Wop-A-Billy.

Crippled by the lockdown, he used his contacts and hired like-minded people who also wanted to go in that direction:

Adrian McKenna from Leeds, UK: electric guitar genius and Tic Tac - electric bass artist and background.

Darren Page from Norwich, UK: slap bass and Orbison-like lead singer on the song "Wop-A-Billy" & background

Christer Sosa, Sweden: Drums

Jimmie Pettersson, Sweden: slap bass

Frank Buttgereit is responsible for the arrangement, the acoustic guitar, the deep lead vocals and the background lead vocals and the background

Review Track by track

Wop-A-Billy-The title track and what a Wop-A-Billy dance track. Has all the ingredients for a superb jiver. Nice guitar intro leads us into the first verse the change to each chorus cuts in well and the vocals throughout have traits of The Bellfuries sound.

Long, long lonely hours- The story about those Long lonely hours without your loved one, portraited here by The Goovenaires, the song has a charismatic charm about it along with the steady beat throughout.

It must be love- Love the Harmonising from the Groovenaires on this track, midway the song cuts into a crunching guitar riff straight out of the early 60s.

Fallen Idol-Written by Jackie DeShannon and Eddie Cochran;s girlfriend Sharon Sheeley, very catchy backbeat makes this a pleasant foot tapping tune.

White Bobby Sox- A remake of the 1958 Wally Lewis tune which was clearly made for the pop charts of the time, this version has more of a Rockabilly beat while keeping the tune in the original frame.

Save your Kisses-Creating the doo-Wop sound this track has harmonising throughout giving it a pleasant vibe to relax to. The lyrics were originally written by Edwin Bruce of Sun Records fame and the song eventually became the B side for Tommy Roe’s Shelia.

Just ask your Heart- An intro reminiscent of the Duane Eddy sound before bursting into a fast upbeat tune with the characteristic sound of Frank Buttgerit on vocals a nice easy listening tune.

Red Cadillac & a Black Moustache-Refreshing version to this Warren Smith classic, more upbeat some cool guitar riffs and a very harmonising vocal sound makes this track not only great to listen to but to get you up on your feet and dance.


Eight easy listening tracks for every occasion mixed and covered well .There isn’t a lot of new Doo-Wop being produced these days so this album comes as a pleasant revival of the music, produced on 12’ vinyl certainly gives it that original look and feel.

Track List

Side A: 1) Wop-A-Billy (F. Buttgereit) 2) Long, long lonely hours (unknown) 3) It must be love (C. Gracie) 4) Fallen idol (Jackie de Shannon / Sharon K. Sheely)

Side B: 1) White Bobby Sox (B. Owens) 2) Save your kisses (E. Bruce / L. Lichterman) 3) Just ask your heart (DeNota / Ricci / Damata) 4) Red Cadillac and a black moustache (W. Thompson / L. May)

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