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Full Throttle by The Hi-Fi’s

Released on: 16/2/2022 by Foot Tapping Records No. FT209

Reviewed on: 15/2/2022

Reviewed by Holger E. @radioteddyboys1983

The Hi-Fi’s are:

Nick Kennedy – Vocals and Guitar (also plays in The Fantoms,), Keith Southwood – Slap-Bass and backing Vocals (ex Tarantulaz), Dave Diamond – Drums (56’ Trixon Speedfire) and backing vocals including all Screams, scary sounds, howling and hoot ’n’ holler (also playing in Timebomb Allstars).

This nifty 50’s Trio from London keeps the soul of Rock ’n ’Roll alive by writing songs that are very much influenced by Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly, Johnny Burnette, Perkins, Johnny Kidd and The Pirates, Dion and many more.

Track by Track

1.: You Know: Jumping right in to the deep end, this lovely hip shaking track is full of melodies and vocal harmonies that are set up by a reverb happy Guitar, a dancing Slap-Bass and Drums that bring you back to the good old times of the 50’s. You just know what’s right for us.

2.: Take A Chance: You are not taking any chances with The Hi-Fi’s. Cool Guitar riffs from Nick with some finger picking that drops you right into a Pink Cadillac. Dave is happily taking it easy on his Drums to keep Nick and Keith from overheating and you alive for a few more tracks. Then we have Keith on his Slap-Bass who is responsible for your hip shakin’ and boppin’ until you drop.

3.: Devils Mind: The Trio really caught the Buddy Holly bug. Drums, Guitar and Bass are just like an original Holly track. Don’t get me wrong this is not a cover. If you could hand that track to Holly he would love it. With no doubt in my mind The Hi-Fi’s will impress even to most battle harden Rock ’n’ Roller!

4.: Summer’s Over: This track sounds like it is inspired by Billy Fury. The sad story of packing your things after the warm happy summer and just leave every bit of a good time behind. Soft tapping Drums rolling along the sandy beach sounding Guitar and a slow sad Slap-Bass.

5.: Baby Baby: This is not your typical Baby Baby song you will find on YouTube. This is a mix of 80’s Rockabilly, Ricky Nelson and The Shadows and it will make you Twist with your Baby before the screams bring a shiver down your spine!

6.: C’mon Lets Dance: Happy fast up-beat song based on Doo-Wop with tons of harmony. Once you get into this song you will hear the melodies clearly. One of the best arrangements I have ever heard. Slap happy Bass mixed with short and precise Drum beats only to slot in right beside the Guitar which brings the 50’s twist to this track.

7.: I Can’t Take It No More: That’s a track you want to find on your radio. Hard hitting Drums and Screams from Dave to push Nicks fingers over his Guitar strings until they catch fire. Keith is keeping perfectly in the shadow of Nick’s Guitar to give the whole track a fuller feeling.

8.: I’m Tired: Doo-Wop inspired track that easily could make it in the 60’s. Nice warm vocals been lifted up by Nick’s Guitar to be accompanied by Keith heavy handed picked Slap-Bass. This time Dave stays just a tat in the background using brushes to keep the track moving along nicely. Dave and Keith are filling in the background vocals to paint the perfect picture.

9.: The Model: Could it really be? Covering Kraftwerk (which is by far the furthest away from R’n’R) in to a Rockabilly track and give it a small influence of 50’s surf music. I just love the way the band have rocked up and covered this track, it’s really unbelievable and sounds fantastic.

10.: Oh Little Girl: This is a happy Slap-Bass and it shows by the way this song is sung. Is so infectious that the reverb heavy Guitar goes like crazy. And nothing can stop the Drums from pushing everything forward.

11.: Tell Me Pretty Baby: The sneaky cats are coming and this number throws you into a fantastic sounding Johnny Kidd inspired track. Hammer hard Drums to blow your eardrums. Low down Slap-Bass and burning Guitar strings that bounce along to your dancing legs. Well where you go from here then.

12.: Who’s That Knocking: You end up with this up-beat track that brings you to the fast paced period of the 1950’s. Dave’s screams egging on Nick to give it his all on his Guitar to responding to the heavy knocking of Keith’s Slap-Bass.

13.: Buddy Buddy: Going back to a softer ending with a Doo-Wop like track that brings you back to the times of The Chords. Again here you can pick the fabulous ways The Hi-Fi’s are presenting to you. untamed and raw the way it has to be.

Track listing:

1.: You Know

2.: Take A Chance

3.: Devils Mind

4.: Summer’s Over

5.: Baby Baby

6.: C’mon Lets Dance

7.: I Can’t Take It No More

8.: I’m Tired

9.: The Model

10.: Oh Little Girl

11.: Tell Me Pretty Baby

12.: Who’s That Knocking

13.: Buddy Buddy

Summary: So your Cover Art is done by none other than the English Rockabilly Man himself (Darrel Higham) and mastered by the Foot Tapping Genius Graham Dominy and you only expect a simple Rockabilly record? You are wrong… This CD is full of ups and downs in speed and in feelings. One minute you bop like a lunatic and the next you cry after your baby. The songs are so full of love and energy that you will not stop after the first round of listening.

Photos taken by Susie Prince

You can order a copy from the bands Facebook page/ Dave Diamonds page or direct from Foot Tapping Records via MusicKing…

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