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Released 2023 on Mellow Records .To get a copy of the CD, contact Martin Stone via this Facebook page. Reviewed February 2023 by Jailhouse John Alexander.

This eponymous CD from the Hot Mission Hillbillies is a collection of rockabilly tracks, all but one are cover versions.

Formed in the Autumn of 2022, by Hillbilly G on Double Bass, Skinny Bop Vocal/Harmonica and Lead Guitar Orpheus Mellow on Drums. Orpheus has since decided to go into semi-retirement, and the drums’ stool will be taken by Slack Reynolds.

Review Rockin' Out The Blues – The original of this by the Musical Linn Twins has some rater odd vocals that are copied here with lots of echo. Driving bass and guitar with some skilful licks in this medium paced rocker to kick of the album.

Be Bop Battling Ball – this track ups the pace. A nice cover of the track first recorded by Eddie Gaines on the Summit label in the States.

Ford And A Shaker – car songs and rock ‘n’ roll are nearly always a good combination and this no exception. Another driving track in more ways than one with an over the top use of the echo machine at the end. The original was by James Gallagher on B&G Records.

Bawl, That's All – The original by Ray Parks on Capitol is a hillbilly track but some nice harmonica playing give this mid paced track a more bluesy feel.

Crazy Lover – Bass and drums to the fore for this foot stomping cover of the track originally recorded by Bill Barton!

Like A Rusty Fish Hook – Another good bopper with a relentless beat and more good harmonica playing. A good rocking cover of Country Boy Eddie’s original

The Slide – Just what the world needs, a new dance craze called the Slide! First recorded in 1959 by Ray Pate & The Rhythm Rockets but as far as I know it never really took off. Maybe now is the time?

Too Wet To Plough – the guitar and bass work together well on this track originally recorded by Bob Center.

Hey Beau – a really good vintage feel to this track.

Hillbilly Wolf – Originally a hillbilly track by Link Wray this is a danceable track with a mean guitar boogie to get you moving.

No Use Knockin' At My Door – Some of the best guitar playing on this track which reminds me of the legendary Crazy Cavan although it was originally done by Lanie Walker.

Square Daddy Blues – The harmonica features in this track with a driving blues beat. This is the only original track on the CD and it was written by Skinny Bop.

Summary If you like your rock n’ roll and rockabilly with a raw sound and the feeling of a live gig you should check this out.

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