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The Italian Song Collection – Ray Gelato

Released -2017 – on Double Scoop Records- DSRGV10, Reviewed April 2023 by Rockin Rebel

Members Ray Gelato - Vocals and Tenor Sax Danny Marsden - Trumpet Andy Rogers - Trombone Olly Wilby - Tenor and Alto sax Gunther Kurmayr- Piano Manuel Alvarez- Double Bass Ed Richardson – Drums

Review The Italian song collection is back on the shelfs after being demanded again by his loyal fans. Ray is from London, England, and is a saxophonist, band leader of the Giants. Known as the Godfather of swing from all that watch him perform. Here Ray performs some of the Italian classics from such artist like Dean Martin, Al Martino, Domenico Modugno, and the list goes on. 13 tracks of which im sure will be most delightful to the ear. The lights are dimmed, and the wine is poured so lets go traccia per traccia (track by track). That's Amore. Composed by Harry Warren and lyricist Jack Brooks in 1953 and was originally performed by the legend that is Dean Martin in the same year for the film The Caddy. “Amore” (meaning love in Italian) is what I love about this song. Ray has completely re lunched the melody from a crooner to a fully blasting big band sound and rocks the lyrics, the track becomes lively and a need to dance were I stand track. is this track is anything to go by we are in for a belter. Carina written by Italian singer Corrado Lojacono lyrics by Alberto Testa. As been covered by artist such as Sophia Loren, Germanys René Carol, and England’s cliff Richard. Sang completely in Italian with a backing that could come straight from a louis prima album. trumpets, piano and great vocals will inspire you to tap your fingers. Fast paced tempo track in Cerca Di Te The opening lyrics translate to “Only I leave for the city I pass through the crowd that does not know That does not see my pain Looking for you Dreaming of you That I no longer have Every face I look, it's not you Every voice I hear, it's not you Where are you, lost love” so this gives you the basis of the story. It sung brilliantly by ray, which is now hard to believe is English. Track starts with some great upright bass then joined by the trumpets. Torero written by Estéfano and Marcello Azevedo and first released January 2002 Puerto Rican singer Chayanne. "Torero" meaning bullfighter, It peaked number one in all the Spanish-speaking countries. it has very similar opening to “hey brother poor the wine”. Rays ability to sing these songs in a language not know to him is just extra extraordinary on an Evening in Roma (Sott'er Celo De Roma) One of the best-known Italian songs and probably sang by every crooner going. Written By Umberto Bertini · Nan Fredericks · Alessandro Taccani and made famous by Dean Martin. an Italian Love Song with its famous lyric “when in Rome, do as the romans do”. Again, the tempo has been increased and backed by the horns on this version. Vocally and lyrically superb by ray and the bands brilliance just shines through. Guaglione music by Giuseppe Fanciulli and words by Nicola "Nisa" Salerno. It is a Neapolitan song done in the Mambo style. 1.40 second of the song is an instrumental with Ray singing the final half of the track. the tune will be best remembered for the mid 1990s Guinness advert. That lead to it being re-released and had great chart success, reaching number one in Ireland. Great track by the band. Torna a Surriento (English translation ("Come Back to Sorrento") Brilliant instrumental played out on the sax. A heartfelt but eery rendition of a track that turns into many titles, o solo Mio. There’s no tomorrow and of course Now or Never. Ray demonstrates his talent on the instrumentS backed by a great band of musicians. Bar Italia Bar Italia is a well-known bar in Soho, London. Bar Italia was awarded the 2010 London Lifestyle Award for London Coffee Shop of the Year. It was also famously the place were John Logie Bairds demonstration of the television at 22 Frith Street, where Bar Italia is located. The intro is the opening and poring of a beer. Written by the band pulp and featured on the 1995 album different class. Once again, the performance from the band is spot on. Tu vuo’ fa’ l’americano ("You Want to Play American") Basically, telling the story of an Italian who would prefer living as an American. Written by Renato Carosone with collaboration with Nicola Salerno, 1956. The song has been covered by Sophia Loren in 1960 and Lou Bega 2005. Just like the original ray sings it Italian and English. Great outro as the track speeds up. Ciao, ciao bambina" ("It's raining .Bye, bye baby) Sang from the heart, rays tone lowers to bring a sentimental version of this is an Italian song written by Domenico Modugno and Eduardo Verde. Touching lyrics with the feeling of a breakup, “one more kiss then turn and walk away” great version. Mala femmena Written by (are you ready) Antonio Focas Flavio Angelo Ducas Comneno De Curtis di Bisanzio Gagliardi, De-Curtis to his friends. A song that has been covered by over forty different artist over the years. made famous by Jimmy Vale, originally released 1962. Rays takes a sentimental track and turns into a swinging rockin track with the same feeling as the the original with his strong vocals. Great cover. Angelina zooma zooma Angelina, the waitress at the pizzeria is what this mighty toe tapping track by the boys. Rockin out to a song made famous by the one and only Louis Prima. Ray and the band create some fine interaction with the vocals and the band still throws everything into the mix instrument wise. The play for over five minutes on this version and its still to short. The enjoyment factor shines through from the boys, great track. Buona sara Keeping as close as possible to the original style for the first fifty seconds. Then its an invasion of talented lyrics to bring this track to awesome swinging do-wop track. the drums ,sax and bass brings out the best version I’ve heard of this classic Italian favourite. Great performance to bring this album to an end.

Summery When a artist of today takes on the big versions of the Italian songs which where sang by the great singers of that time. Its best you come up with something that will also stand the test of time. On this album you will find just that. Its clear to see why he is known as the godfather of swing. Its also clear why top artist like Robbie Williams called him up to open his When Your Winning tour. THIS IS a great album no matter what music you dig. Its full of influances and memories of the great done by a modern swing artist and band. Thirteen tracks for me was not enough. Great album. Recommendation Yes, just for the modern touch to some classics. Buona Sera. - YouTube (4) Ray Gelato Fans | Facebook

Bio The Godfather of Swing Mr Ray Gelato has been taking his special brand of swing, jazz and R&B music all over the world since 1988. This multi-talented singer, saxman, songwriter and band leader has appeared at festivals, clubs and concert stages from Brazil to New York City. Ray and his world class band The Giants deliver a high energy show that never fails to get a crowd on its feet. The band perform with the highest level of musicianship with The Giants horn section being acclaimed as one of the finest in the business. The legendary Ray Gelato and his band have had an illustrious and very successful career, including a long-established residency at London’s world-famous Ronnie Scott’s, where the band appears every Christmas. This must-see event is always a sell-out. He has also performed for the late HM The Queen (twice), opened for Robbie Williams at the Albert Hall, and was chosen to play at Sir Paul McCartney’s wedding. In addition the band have played most of the top jazz festivals including Montreal, The Lincoln Centre in New York and numerous appearances at Umbria Jazz in Italy . Ray has also played some of the most prestigious clubs in the world including Birdland in New York and The Blue Note in Milan . To close 2022 Ray and the Giants played their 20th anniversary at Ronnie Scotts for the Xmas season - Dec 19-23.

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