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Jasmine Records

Released November 4th 2022

Reviewed by Rod, 30th January 2023

The Jodimars are

Dick Boccelli/Richards - Vocals, drums

Joey Ambrose/D’Ambrosio - Sax

Marshell Lytle – String Bass

Chuck Hess – Guitar

Jim Buffington – Drums

Bob Simpson – Piano

The Jodimars all former members of Bill Haley’s Comets.

Due to a salary dispute some members quit the band and went onto form what we know as the Jodimars: Joey, Dick, Marshall, Chuck, Jim and Bob.

They were most popular between 1955 – 1958 with Capitol Records, and were one of the first acts to take up residence in Las Vegas Showrooms.

After leaving Capitol for smaller labels with little or no success by 1958 the band had virtually broken up. By 1960, sorry to say, they were just a memory. Lytle, Ambrose and Richard did later tour with the Comets along side Johnny Grande on piano and Franny Beecher on Guitar.

In 1963 the Beetles recorded the Jodimars' version of Clarabella for the BBC Radio, which appeared on the Capitol Album Live at the BBC in 1994, and the song Well Dig This inspired the name of the British Magazine Now Dig This.

Ok now, let's get on with the tracks, 25 of them, so I'll try and keep it short...

Well Now Dig This: You can still hear and feel the comets influence, clear bass, and all instruments, shape vocals which makes a complete body mover of a track.

Let’s All Rock Together: You know the title, one of those repetitive tracks.

Dance The Bop: Great bass and slap on this and great backing vocals.

Boom Boom my Bayou Baby: This comes with a slightly different sound from the writer Ebb Coleman Klien.

Rattle my Bones: Love this sound and tempo change by Stone Adams Deknight.

Lotsa love: Slowed down, Strolled down: Winfield Scott, well done!

Eat your heart out Annie: Back to the Jodimars sound,but you gotta love it. Great bass, guitar, sax and vocals make this group.

Rattle Shakin Daddy: Is that a wash board I hear ?

Clarabella: Slowed it down again, stroll along baby because this track has some grit as well, and The Beatles covered it in 1963.

Midnight: A instrumental by Frank Pingatore shows off some great sax.

Cloud 99: Lifting it up again, writer Doc Starkes has some great arrangements.

Later: Frank Pingatore with another sound for the group.

Shoo Sue: A complete head bopper, with yet another welcome sound.

Story telling baby: Marshall taking the lead on this track, great arrangement.

One Grain of Sand: From 58-60 what a difference a couple of years make in the sound. Sorry to say I'm not a lover of this, but many will be.

Time: Heard better, but still a classic.

Flip Flop and Fly; It’s not Turner or Haley but great job!

Rock-a-beatin boogie: Great job of this 1952 track by Haley first released by the esquire boys in 1952.

Natural Ditty: The Jodimars sound is back on this it.

So Lonely: Drums taking centre stage, love the beat and twang in the voice.

Cra-z: They can’t get it right all the time, some will love this.

Hip Shakin Baby: Dorsey, Johnny Burnette’s hip shakin baby, originally recorded this track

Be my love tonight: a bit plain but definitely one for the fans.

Honey Baby: An attempt at a ballad love song which I feel didn’t work this time.

Bring along your lovin: A cover of Bob Luman's song, also written by Bob...

Of course, the Jodimars have the own sound which I feel comes from the Comets, what has made some difference in some of these tracks are the writers and then the arrangements.

If you’re a lover of Jive music and the Bill Haley sound then I think it’s a must-have for your collection. You won't be disappointed!

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