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Self-released on 07/12/2022 – Reviewed on 18/03/2023 by Tiny Buy the album here: Listen to the album here:

Review The Mudmen are an energetic band, drawn from the clay of the Waasland with Filip (vocals, guitar), Sam (bass), Tony (drums) and Micha (double bass) in the ranks. The sound contains elements of speed rock, metal and punk, a unique mix of double bass, combined with e-bass and on top of that a screeching guitar and drums that amaze many a drummer.

In 2004 they released their debut album 'No F*ck No Ride'. In 2016 they released 'Faster Faster'. After that it remained quiet. A third album was released 07/12/2022 and Shoot To Score is not only the first track, but also the title track of the album. It immediately becomes clear that the trio has not lost any of its energy. A banging drum intro makes the saloon doors bang and the double bass double slaps and barked vocals do the rest. The song describes the feeling of being unstoppable. And that right from the start. In short, it's about themselves, the band, and everything that comes with it: "No limits, no rules, just a bunch of happy fools". That's how we like them!

Track 2 is – Rollercoaster , this track really showcases the Speed rock element of their track list. Track 3 is – Size Matters (Ooh Matron), this track slows down compared to the first 2 , but the lyrics are harder , good use of the slower tempo combined with the harsh lyrics. Track 4 is – Pulse. It starts off slowly with a metal style guitar rift , it then hits fever pitch !! Track 5 is – King of Confusion (Thought that was me!). This track gave the overall feeling of old school German Psychobilly ( Bad Dooleys, for an example) Solid track in my opinion. Track 6 is – I’m Dead: this track is just pure speed rock, great stuff !! Track 7 is - C**ts Are Go. I wish they would…. But seriously , this track almost sounds like Nekromantix on speed, but it is executed in great style !! Track 8 is – Dogs. This track is a little slower but the vocals could disembowel you , or at least make your ears bleed if it’s loud . Track 9 is – Back To Mother , this is the final track of this album “Shoot To Score “ Some nice guitar work on this track , a good choice of final track by The Mudmen !! Summary All in all , I think this album is rather good with Punk , Speed Rock , metal and Psychobilly sounds all fusing into a decent album.

Recommendation Listen on Spotify, You Tube etc… If you like it buy it !!! I’ve also been playing tracks on my radio show since it’s release

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