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The Nite Howlers – Corona Bop

Release Date: Late October 2022.

Reviewed 11th January 2023 by Dave Diamond


Vocals - Rhythm Guitar : Olivier LAPORTE

Guitar- Jules CHABARD

Drums- Jesus LOPEZ

Upright Bass - Pepe LEE

Produced and Mixed by: - Maximo Ruiz Bandera at Hollers Analog Studio ( Malaga ) - Spain

Mastered by: - Maximo Ruiz Bandera at Hollers Analog Studio ( Malaga ) - Spain

Front & Back cover artwork by: Marcel Bontempi

In their own words:

The Band were formed in 2017, composed with well experimented musicians from the Rockin’ scene , and inspired by the genre of Rockabilly music from the late 50’s / early 60’s era with a powerful guitar and steady rhythm section. Since 2018, we have played major rockin festivals all over Europe ( France, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, England Rockabilly Rave, Croatia, Belgium... ) + a performance at Viva Las Vegas 2019 edition.

Distribution or where to buy the cd: Sleazy Records or Facebook Olivier LAPORTE

Review of each rack:

Corona Bop – here we go with the A side of this 45 release.. this fantastic original self-penned track is written by Olivier… if you wanna hit the dancefloor and rock and bop then take off your gab jacket and go Katz, cos’ you gotta get ready to do the Corona Bop! At just 2 minutes 16 this tune is gonna be a real massive dancefloor filler and goes down a storm at the live gigs… All 4 guys are at the top of their game on this opening track and you can clearly see why this band is getting so many European gigs. This track is awesome!

…Olivier tells me the inspiration for this fab bopping track is that “all the time that we had to live with Covid , as a musician, like most of us, we could not play or record for many months, and I was thinking that I would take the opportunity to write a song to tell a story about this damn virus and the way we had to live with it…. Then I thought to myself… what would Carl Perkins have said about it!... So I thought about it and I wrote the song thinking of what he would have said about the Corona Pandemic and the way we could not live for barely 2 years”

Lucky Little Ol’ Me – what a fantastic cover of the unissued Benny Joy tune… it’s great to hear a more prominent drum pattern by Jesus that helps to enhance this very powerful rendition indeed…this version is a more up-tempo rendition… I’m loving the energetic vocals from Olivier and the instrumental break really explodes into a powerful eruption of rockin’ sounds with the double solo, fab bass lines from Pepe and high-end guitar by Jules that really does set this version alight and increases the overall length of the track by 15 seconds!

Band Influences: Late 50's / Early 60's Rockabilly - Carl Perkins / Charlie Feathers / Benny Joy etc.


Wow! What a fantastic 45 release to review… If you haven’t got yourself a copy be sure to contact the band or Sleazy Records as soon as possible as both these tunes are going to get the floor jumping at any rockin’ club!

This 45 was recorded live playing in the studio with no overdubs with some vintage amps and mics and a vintage Ludwig drum set.

The band are from - From France & Spain, their first single was released in 2018 on Ruby Records, then 2nd single released in 2019 on Sleazy Records and now 3rd single again on Sleazy Records.

The band tell me that they already have planned for 2023…Festivals in Europe including ( Spain / Holland / Germany / Italy / Portugal / France.... ) and an LP project by the end of 2023!

Now…go get yourself a copy…!!

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